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Neodymium Rubber Magnet

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  • Neodymium Rubber Magnet

Neodymium Rubber Magnet, Neodymium Magnet Powder Rubber Magnets, Flexible Magnetic Receptive Neodymium Materials, NdFeB Rubber Magnets, soft flexible rubber ferrous flat magnetic sheet

Specifications of Neodymium Rubber Magnet
Part No. RM-01
Thickness × Width × Length (mm) 0.8×210×300
Surface Magnetic Flux Density (mT) 180
Attraction (g/㎠) 411
Weight (g) 254

It is made from Neodymium magnet powder that is mixed with a bonding material and molded by calendar rolling. It has the strongest magnetic characteristics of all rubber magnets.

It can be easily processed into various shapes by cutting, punching or holing, so it is suitable for miniaturization of parts of motors, audio equipment and OA equipment etc. and for magnetic sensors.

We can cut to any size you want.

Rubber coated magnet is a kind of Flexible Magnetic Receptive Materials,magnets stick to it!
Rubber Steel is made by iron powder and high quality thermoplastics. It is a kind of Magnetic Receptive Material, it is ideal for multiple applications at school, home, office or POP display etc.
Magnetic Receptive – It is an ideal attraction base like steel for holding magnetic sheet, magnet strip or hard magnet, no restriction on pole alignment.
Flexible – It is as flexible as rubber sheet, easy to lays flat, and can be applied to either flat or curved surface, won’t crease.
Easy to use – It can be easily stamp, score, drill, hand – cut with knife or scissors without damaging its magnetic receptive properties.
Easy to laminate – It is easy to laminate paper or PVC or self adhesive to the rubber steel to create more application as you need.
Easy to apply – Adhesive backing attaches easily to metal, wood, plastic, or any smooth surfaces.
Safer to us – Rubber Steel is lightweight and has no sharp edge, so it safer to use comparing to metal steel with sharp edges.
Durable, long last and easy to store.
Rubber Steel available in a variety of options:
Plain Brown, uncoated
With adhesive backing
Vinyl/PVC front, Vinyl/PVC available in different colors
Write – on / wipe – off front
New product ferrous sheet match magnetic paper

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