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Neodymium Roundmagnet Ø15 x 5mm N40

/Neodymium Roundmagnet Ø15 x 5mm N40
  • Neodymium Roundmagnet

Neodymium Roundmagnet Ø15 x 5mm N40, Neodymium Disc Craft Magnet, Rare Earth Disk Magnet, Super Strong Sintering NdFeB Circle Permanent Magnet, Buy Whiteboard Magnet, Circular Raw Magnet, Round Industrial Magnet China Exporter & Factory

Neodymium Roundmagnet Ø15 x 5mm N40 Feature:
Material Neodymium
Plating Nickel (Ni-Cu-Ni)
Diameter D 15 mm
Volum 884 mm³
Temperature max. 80 °C
Magnetic Grade N40
Tolerance 0.1 mm
Direction axial
Weight 0,006718 kg
Pull Power Force 4,800 kg
Hight H 5  mm

NdFeB magnets, sintered NdFeb magnets, sintered ndfeb, anisotropy sintered ndfeb are available in both sintered and bonded forms. Sintered NdFeB offers the highest magnetic properties (33 MGOe to 51 MGOe) while Bonded NdFeB offers lower energy properties. Although bonded magnets do not possess magnetic properties as advanced as those of sintered magnets, they can be made in shapes and sizes that are difficult to achieve with sintering.

Characteristics of Neodymium magnet
Neodymium magnet is currently the strongest one available, best in magnetic performance
and energy.
NdFeB magnet have the characteristics of:
Extreme strong Br residual induction
Very high energy product
Excellent demagnetization resistance capacibility
Coating is needed for NdFeB Magnet which is not suitable for high temperature working condition.
High Coercive Force
Very hight energy products
Low corrosion resistance (when uncoated)
Low mechanical strength – Brittle
Strongest magnetic power
Hight coercive force
Brittle & Hard
Good temperature stability
High resistance to demagnetization
Excellent performance and cost ratio

Common uses in different fields:
Security systems
Magnetic separators
Magnetic resonance imaging
Health bandages and plasters
Specialty door catches
Filters & strainers
High performance motors
Brushless motor
Micromotor / servo motor
VCM(voice coil motor)
Magnetic coupling
Magnetic Chuck
Magnetic toy
Magnetic tools
Other magnetic applications …

We can provide more than 60 kinds of grade (material) in a variety of sizes. powerful circular neo magnet, rare earth neodymium disc magnet, rare earth rod disc magnet, circle disc magnet, circular craft magnet,  sintered ndfeb disc magnet, neodymium craft round magnet, round industrial magnet

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Product Range

Material Remanence Coercivity Energy product Maximum temperature
Br bHc iHc (BxH)max
kG T kOe kA/m kOe kA/m MGOe kJ/m 3 °C
N40 12.6-12.9 1.26-1.29 10.5-12.0 860-955 ≥  12 ≥  955 38-40 303-318 ≤  80
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