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Neodymium Magnetic Wall Stud Finder

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  • Neodymium Magnetic Wall Stud Finder

Neodymium Magnetic Wall Stud Finder, Magnetic Stud Finders pot magnet

Magnetic high-quality Stud Finder is powered by a strong Rare Earth Neodymium Magnet. This ensures the precise and effective location of wall studs. Compact and easy to use, this product is sure to become the tradesman’s best friend!
Weight 100 gm

Uses for our Magnetic Wall Stud Finder:
This Magnetic Stud Finder is very helpful in locating metal materials embedded in structures. A metal stud finder is a non invasive method of identifying metal plates, finding studs, metal noggins and metal fasteners. Good quality stud finders will also, depending on the type of fastener, pick up metal fasteners in timber studs and joists.

As the name suggests, the Stud Finder is a cost effective and efficient means of detecting studs within walls. Penetrating surfaces of buildings can be risky and cause damage to electrical wires or plumbing. Identifying fixing points during renovations avoids problems that can arise from damaging surfaces. The strong Rare Earth Magnet will work through thick plaster and fibro to locate studs, metal wall plates and joists. See our YouTube video to learn more about how to find studs in walls using this product.

This powerful magnet is small enough to carry in your pocket and very versatile in its applications. Magnetic Stud Finders can be used for finding studs and metal wall plates within walls for wiring of switches, to keep electrical cables off the floor and as a lifting device for lightweight pieces of metal. Our Magnetic Steel Stud Finders feature an eyelet that fits a chain or wire, in order to fish small steel objects from deep holes or confined areas.

Please contact our sales team if you require any additional information about our Magnetic Stud Finder.

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