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Neodymium Magnetic Flat Rotor Assembly

/Neodymium Magnetic Flat Rotor Assembly
  • Neodymium Magnetic Flat Rotor Assembly

Neodymium Magnetic Flat Rotor Assembly, Neodymium Permanent Magnet Assembly, Magnetic Flat Rotor Motor Parts, Neodymium Magnetic Assembly for Motor, Magnetic Coupling Magnet Assembly for Different Application

Magnetic assemblies: magnetic materials are widely used function materials, known and applied for over 3000 years. Magnetic assemblies are important links to realize the functions of magnetic materials in the form of products or semifinished products made of magnetic materials, metal, nonmetal and other materials, such as motor rotors, sensors, filters, magnetic lifters, magnetic separators, magnetic pumps and speakers etc. HSMAG Magnet has been always committed to converting customers’ design to high-quality products, providing outstanding component assembling service for customers, optimizing assembly time and costs in terms of integrating supply chain, and contributing more to the convenience of production and life.

1, low-temperature magnetic attenuation characteristics, and rotor table magnetic uniformity and magnetic properties of the consistency.
2, high-power (ultra-high speed), high-function (high temperature) servo motor with permanent magnet rotor components. Research and implementation of the semi-plating surface treatment technology to improve the glue and the product affinity, and ultimately to achieve the bonding strength of glue than the traditional bonding technology more than doubled.
3, can provide stainless steel sets, carbon fiber, glass fiber, no belt and potting epoxy protection technology to achieve harsh environments high temperature and high speed work requirements.  Rectangle Bar Everlube Neodymium Magnet
4, high temperature and high humidity surface protection technology.
5, fully automated assembly, testing technology.

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