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Neodymium Magnetic Assembly for Motor

/Neodymium Magnetic Assembly for Motor
  • Neodymium Magnetic Assembly for Motor

Neodymium Magnetic Assembly for Motor, Customized Magnetic Assemblies, Magnetic Assembly for Different Application, Magnetic Coupling, Permanent Magnet Stator Rotor, Permanent Magnet Linear Motor

Neodymium Magnetic Assembly for Motor – Magnetic assemblies are usually made by assembling magnetic materials with metals, nonmetals and other materials following certain requirements in order to optimize the magnetic circuit. Brisotech Magnetics has been dedicated to optimize the permanent magnet shapes and magnetic circuit to achieve the required magnetic properties at lowest cost. We can provide our customers tailored magnetic assemblies and offer them better product experience.

Magnetic assemblies: magnetic materials are widely used function materials, known and applied for over 3000 years. Magnetic assemblies are important links to realize the functions of magnetic materials in the form of products or semifinished products made of magnetic materials, metal, nonmetal and other materials, such as motor rotors, sensors, filters, magnetic lifters, magnetic separators, magnetic pumps and speakers etc. HSMAG Magnet has been always committed to converting customers’ design to high-quality products, providing outstanding component assembling service for customers, optimizing assembly time and costs in terms of integrating supply chain, and contributing more to the convenience of production and life. Multi Poles Bonded Neo Ring Radial Diametrically Magnet

1.Our Sintered Neodymium-Iron-Boron permanent magnets , with competive prices ,on-time delivery and excellent quality ,makes us outstanding in the magnet manufacture industry .
2.About 16 years experience, TS16949 and ISO9001/14001 certificated, this is how we keep good quality and competitive prices for global valued customers.
3.Special magnets with low weight loss(After HAST 168hours ,less than 3mg/cm2) ,and low temperature coeffient ,are our technology innovation.

Magnetic assembly is always manufactured via Cutting and grinding etc.Block magnets or Rectangle magnets have the following important factors such as, Length, Width, Thicknes, Round Edge etc.

To offer you our Block magnets price, please offer the following details:
Magnets grade:From N35 To N50, from N Serieces to UH Series.
Magnets size:Length, Width, Thickness
Magnetism direction:Which direction to oriented The north pole and south pole
Magnets coating:Nickel, Zn, Black Epoxy, AG, Au etc.

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