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NdFeB Rare Earth Bonded Magnets

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  • Rare Earth Bonded Magnets

NdFeB Rare Earth Bonded Magnets, High Dimensional Precision Permanent Bonded NdFeB Magnet, Higher Magnetic Strength Bonded Magnet, Bonded NdFeB, Compression Bonded NdFeB

NdFeB Rare Earth Bonded Magnets Feature:
Part No.: BNMPC-06
Type: Permanent
Composite: Neodymium Magnet
Size: Custom
Application: Motors, Devices, Printers, Sensors, CD/DVD ROM and so on.
Packing: cartons / pallets
Delivery Date: 10-18 days
Place of Origin: Zhejiang, China (Mainland)
Means of Transport: Ocean, Air
Production Capacity: 10,000 pc per day

Features of rare earth bonded magnets:
1. Higher Magnetic Strength due to higher magnetic particle density,approximately 3 times stronger than ceramic magnet material.
2. The magnetic material is isotropic, it can be magnetized through any direction, including multi-polar arrangements.
3. Good mechanical strength. Because the material is in an epoxy binder, it can be machined on a mill or lathe. However, the material will not support a thread, so holes cannot be tapped.
4. Good corrosion resistance after Epoxy coating.
5. “Tight” tolerances off tool
6. Temperature Range -40c – 165c

Design and manufacturing of orientation moulds were carried out
Having high dimensional precision and impact-resistance
Capable of forming products with inlay
The injection moulding parts are suitable for forming products with various shapes and thin walls
Multi polar magnetization can be carried out as per customer’s requirements

Different kind of micro-special motor
Different kind of fan motor
Different kind of DC motor
Synchronization electric motor
House electric apparatus
Ice chipper electric motor
Hand-operated electric generator
Automobile motor
Time gauge
Instruments for auto

Manufacturing Method
NdFeB powder is blended with a plastic material and injection molded. The resulting parts have energy products in the 5 MGOe range, but can be made with extremely intricate shapes.

Injection Bonded NdFeB Magnets for professional use
These magnets are produced by fairly conventional injection molding techniques, using a high loaded compound of either ferrite or NdFeB powder in a nylon or plastic matrix. The applications grew dramatically in the 1980s around the consumer product markets.

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Product Range


The performance of rare earth bonded magnets

Br (mT) 450-510 590-650 620-670 620-66 650-700 680-720 700-740 730-770
Br (Gs) 4500-5100 5900-6500 6200-6700 6200-6600 6500-4000 6800-7200 7000-7400 7300-7700
Hcb(kA/m) 199-263 302-374 390-454 405-470 421-484 413-477 430-493 366-430
Hcb(kOe) 2.5-3.3 3.8-4.7 4.9-5.7 5.1-5.9 5.3-6.1 5.2-6.0 5.4-6.2 4.6-5.4
Hcj (kA/m) 477-597 597-796 636-796 955-1114 915-1034 636-796 636-796 517-637
Hcj(kOe) 6.0-7.5 7.5-10.0 8.0-10.0 12.0-14.0 11.5-13.0 8.0-10.0 8.0-10.0 6.5-8.0
(BH)max (kJ/m 3) 24-32 44-53.6 60-68 65.6-72 72-80 76-84 80-88 84-92
(BH)max (MGOe) 3.0-4.0 5.5-7.0 8.0-9.5 8.2-9.0 9.0-10.0 9.5-10.5 10.0-11.0 10.5-11.5
Tw/ ℃ 120 120 120 160 160 120 120 110
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