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NdFeB Powerful Hook Magnet 81KG

/NdFeB Powerful Hook Magnet 81KG
  • NdFeB Powerful Hook Magnet 81KG

NdFeB Powerful Hook Magnet 81KG, Ultra Powerful Neodymium Mounting Hook Magnet, Sintered NdFeB Hanger Magnetic Hanging Hooks, Heavy Duty Hook Magnet, Hook Pot Magnet, Permanent Magnet Assemblies China Supplier

NdFeB Powerful Hook Magnet 81KG Ø48 mm X 59.8 mm Part No.HS-NE48 by HSMAG Features:
Material: Neodymium (NdFeB ) and Steel
Part No.: HS-NE48
Plating / Coating: Nickel (Ni-Cu-Ni) or Zinc (Zn)
Shape: Hook
Pot Magnet Size:
Pot Total Diameter (D): 48 mm
Hole Diameter (D1): 12 mm
Pot Height (H): 22.8 mm
Hook Total Height (H1): 59.8 mm
Thread M: M8
Weight: 148 g
Holding Force: 81 kg
Tolerance: ±0.1 mm
Maximum Operation Temperature: 80 °C
Delivery Time: 7-15 days
Made in China

Magnetic assemblies are best for small sized magnetic products with maximum pull strength (ideally when in direct contact with ferromagnetic e.g. mild steel surfaces).
The actual pull force achieved is dependent on the surface that is being clamped onto (material type, thickness, flatness, friction levels, etc), its quality (e.g. rust free), its size (thickness plus total surface area), etc.
There are many applications for magnetic assemblies, mainly in applications where a strong clamping force is required.
Applications include Point of Sale, window dressing, door / cupboard and gate clamps, false ceiling clamps, signs and banners, torque limited seals, jigs and fixtures, lighting holders, marketing and exhibition displays, retrieval magnets, industrial fixings, etc.

All HSMAG Pot Magnets are Centerless Ground after pressing to ±0.003″. The standard tolerance on the length is ±0.015″. Tighter tolerances are available upon request.

Please note that the tension is vertical pull vertical tension, the vertical direction of the vertical tension will be much smaller, with the adsorption interface roughness. NdFeB Hook Clamping Magnet
You can suck it in the back of the door, can also be adsorbed on the iron panel, and then free to hang umbrellas, jackets and other items, life from the easy and simple.

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