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NdFeB Deep Pot Magnets brass body with fitting tolerance h6

/NdFeB Deep Pot Magnets brass body with fitting tolerance h6
  • NdFeB Deep Pot Magnet
  • neodymium-deep-pot-magnets-brass-body-with-fitting-tolerance-h6
  • neodymium-deep-pot-magnets-brass-body-with-fitting-tolerance-h6
  • ndfeb-deep-pot-magnets-brass-body-with-fitting-tolerance-h6

NdFeB Deep Pot Magnets, Holding Bi-pole Magnets, Bar magnets Neodymium-iron-boron (NdFeB-Rod) brass body with fitting tolerance h6, NdFeB Bi-Pole / Twin-Pole Deep Blind Ended Pot Magnet

NdFeB Deep Pot Magnets Feature:

  • Configuration: Bi-pole deep pot holding
  • Material: rare earth neodymium
  • Brass pot with mild steel pole pieces
  • N35 grade nickel plated magnet material
  • 80°C max operating temperature
  • Ideal for clamping applications

Deep pot holding magnet NdFeB Bi-pole Ø  6mm – 32mm | brass body fitting tolerance H6

Pot Magnets are Magnetic Holding Assemblies for use where a very strong surface holding magnet is required. The magnet sits inside a steel case which provides extra strong magnetism on one face only, provides a hole for fixing and also protects the magnet from damage.

One of the largest usages of magnets is the application of holding or gripping, the basic principle of the holding or pot magnet is to direct and concentrate the flux from both magnetic poles to one active face. This is usually achieved with steel pole pieces or a brass-backing cup.

These NdFeB Permanent magnets are deep and cylindrical. The magnets are placed centrally in a brass body. Although they have many applications, they are usually used for holding and lifting.

Neodymium pot magnets combine the power of a neodymium magnet Brass pot with the durability of a mild steel shell. They offer exceptional performance, especially through larger air gaps.
The magnets have a tapped hole in the back for mounting and are supplied with a removable steel hook.

Ultra high performance rare earth Neodymium Iron Boraon magnets can lift up to 1,000 times their own weight. They can be bonded in place using structural adhesive and offer incredible performance.

Other sizes and shapes may be possible (subject to minimum order quantities. )

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Product Range




Part No.

D mm

H mm

A mm

Distance mm

Force N

Weight g

Temperature °C

DPB-6-Nd/h6 6 20+0.2/-0.2 10 1.5 10 4.5 80
DPB-8-Nd/h6 8 20+0.2/-0.2 10 1.5 25 8 80
DPB-10-Nd/h6 10 20+0.2/-0.2 8 2 45 12 80
DP-13-Nd/h6 13 20+0.2/-0.2 6 2.5 70 20 80
DPB-16-Nd/h6 16 20+0.2/-0.2 2 3 150 30 80
DPB-20-Nd/h6 20 25+0.2/-0.2 5 4 280 59 80
DPB-25-Nd/h6 25 35+0.3/-0.3 7 5 450 132 80
DPB-32-Nd/h6 32 40+0.3/-0.3 4.5 6 700 246 80
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