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NC & NO Type Magnetic Door Contact Switch

/NC & NO Type Magnetic Door Contact Switch
  • NC & NO Type Magnetic Door Contact Switch

NC & NO Type Magnetic Door Contact Switch, Reed Switch Door Alarm Sensor Magnetic Reed Switch, Magnetic Proximity Switch Normally Closed Open Combined ON OFF Door Sensor, Recessed Door Window Contact Magnetic Reed Switch Sensor Security Alarm

NC & NO Type Magnetic Door Contact Switch Specification
Model HSSL-109D
Case material ABS
Case color White
Induction distance 20-25mm
Max Cur./Vol./Power/Init.Ress 0.5A/100V/10W/200mΩ
Signal output NC ( NO Type or NC /NO Type can be customized )
Mounting Surface Mounted
Product type Wired
Packing 10 sets/bag
Size 50*14*12mm

Recessed Mount Door Window Security Normally Closed Magnetic Reed Switch
1. Reed switches use Japan brand of OKI,stable performance,load Life up to millions times.
2. Sealed design,enclosed magnet,high adsorption power,which makes it use more stable.
3. High magnetic with high-quality imported reed switch,so that the door magnetic switch is more sensitive and stable.
4. Imported PC plastic sealed,waterproof and durable,no electric leakage,more secure.
5. Applies to window,cabinet doors and wooden frame doors etc.
N.C and N.O combined
NC (normally closed), switch is closed when magnet come to the switch. Leave, the switch will open.
NC (normally open), switch is open when magnet come to the switch. Leave, the switch will close.

Features: 1.Brand new and high quality 2.Special use for metal doors, anti-magnetic interference design. 3.Simple and convenient for installation 4.The metals electroplates outer shell, double-loop circuit design, performance stable. 5.Circuit is connected when magnet is near the switch. 6.Suitable for iron door installation Specifications: .Switch Type:NC(normal close type) . magnetic switch door sensor, door sensor magnetic reed switch, reed switch door alarm magnets
433MHz 12V Door Magnetic Wireless Sensor Detector Switch for Home Alarm Security
PLS Notice About Normally Closed:
The normally means state.The magnets usually near to each other, it is the normally state.
And the closed = short circuit = creating a path for the current). magnet near together, the switch is closed.
And the switch and magnet is separate, the switch is open.

ABS Plastic Magnetic Door Alarm Contact Switch Roller Shutter Store Security Safety Magnetic Door Window Contact Reed Switch
This is a single surface mount with 18-inch side mount wire leads 1 switch, or contact with 1 magnet and screws
When the magnet is next to the switch, the loop is closed.
When the magnet is pulled away the loop opens.
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