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N52 Square Neodymium Retrieval Magnet

/N52 Square Neodymium Retrieval Magnet
  • N52 Square Neodymium Retrieval Magnet

N52 Square Neodymium Retrieval Magnet, N52 NdFeB Rare Earth Recovery Magnet, Salvage Magnet, VERY STRONG FISHING UNDERWATER TREASURE HUNTING EYEBOLT MAGNET, Holding and Retrieving Neodymium Permanent Magnets

N52 Square Neodymium Retrieval Magnet Specifications:
Diameter 47 X 47 X 20mm
Thread M8
These Neodymium Iron Boron magnets are also known as “Rare Earth” or NdFeB magnets. Neodymium magnets are simply incredible!
They are far more powerful than those old horseshoe magnets most of us grew up with.
N52 NdFeB Square Recovery Magnet Pot magnet characteristics:
1, magnetic strong, compact;special fun
2, a powerful magnetic force focused only on 5 side,
3, the magnetic force equivalent to 10 times the volume of the same magnet;
4 can be freely moved in the retention or ferrous metal surface;
5, force permanent, long service life.
Material:strong magnet + A3 steel +304 rings
Vertical pull 60kg
Working temperature:108℃

Great for recovering keys down a drain or overboard a boat
Can be used for treasure hunting in the sea/river… you never know what you may find!
Comes with a 8mm thread and Eyebolt
Huge 60kg pull!!*
All you need is a strong rope and your ready to go
These magnets are very strong for their size, they will literally JUMP out of your hand when attracted to other magnets or metal. Special care always needs to be taken when handling.
*The PULL rating is the point at which the magnet will pull away from the metal object, not how much it will lift

N52 Square Neodymium Retrieval Magnet SAFETY INFORMATION
Care must be taken when handling these magnets as there is a danger of trapped fingers, pinched skin and flying shards of metal if carelessly handled.
Never allow magnets to jump together or to jump to steel as they will likely shatter.
Suitable for usage up to a maximum of 118 degree Centigrade.
Always keep magnets away from items that may be damaged by the powerful magnetic field such as credit cards, computers, mobile phones, Cd’s.
Not to be handled near to or by people with Pace makers or other medical devices.
The actual pull strengths will vary depending on other variables such as: Steel thickness(the thinner the steel the lower the pull strength), Steel Quality(for example pitted/corroded), Surface finish(painted, powder coated will result in a reduced pull force).
WARNING – This magnet is VERY powerful and totally unsuitable for Children!!

These selected magnets are among the strongest available and specifically designed for demanding, heavy-duty applications. There are two main types, pot magnet assemblies, and raw magnets. They may look similar but have very different uses.
Pot magnets – Designed for clamping directly onto a steel surface. They are made from a large magnet encased within a steel shell. They are magnetic on one face only, creating a solid clamping force. However, they cannot be used to attract other magnets or attract through a gap.
Raw magnets – A plain magnet which can be used in direct contact with a steel surface and to attract or repel another magnet. They can also be used when attracting through a gap, although a magnet’s strength does decrease significantly when used this way. Don’t miss our range of N52 neodymium magnets, which are among the strongest permanent magnets in the world!

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