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N45H NdFeB Arc Segment Hollow-Shaft Encoder Magnet

/N45H NdFeB Arc Segment Hollow-Shaft Encoder Magnet
  • N45H NdFeB Arc Segment Hollow-Shaft Encoder Magnet

N45H NdFeB Arc Segment Hollow-Shaft Encoder Magnet, Arc Permanent Magnet for Rotary Encoders, NdFeB Arc Segment OR15xIR2x90deg.x16mm, Reliable Hollow-Shaft Encoder Rare Earth NdFeB Magnets

N45H NdFeB Arc Segment Hollow-Shaft Encoder Magnet Specifications(1″=25.4mm; 1lbs=0.453kg)
Part No.: HSREM-OR15xIR2x90deg.x16-N45H
Materials: NdFeB, grade N45H
Dimensions(mm): OR15.00*IR2.00*90deg.*16.00mm, as shown
Unite Wt.: 20.4gram
Plating: NiCuNi plated
Magnetizing: Manetized in pairs, half with N on outer side face, half with S on outer side face
Working Temperature: ≤ 120 degree C (248 degree F)
Lead time: about 2-3 weeks for bulk order
4 pieces can assembly a full ring

Buy Neodymium segment Magnets with Zinc coating Super Strong Rare Earth Motor Encoder Magnets arc shape magnet where to buy Hollow-shaft and hub-shaft rotary encoder neodymium magnets

HSMAG offers a wide variety of rotary encoder magnets, rotary encoders for every feedback application including incremental, absolute, miniature and heavy duty rotary encoders. Rotary encoders come in 3 major mounting styles: hollow-shaft (hollow-bore or through shaft), hub-shaft (hub-bore) or shafted. Hollow-shaft and hub-shaft rotary encoders mount directly to a motor shaft typically using a tether. Shafted rotary encoders mount using a flexible coupling.

Reliable Hollow-Shaft Encoder Offers Extreme Encoder Performance for Heavy Duty Applications
Phased Array Sensor for Reliable Signal Output
Rugged Design Withstands up to 400g Shock and 20g Vibration
Customizable Mounting Options including Torque Arm with Optional Grounding Strap
Unbreakable Code Disc up to 5000 PPR
Heavy Duty Design Rated for IP67
400G Shock and 20G Vibration Independently Validated

NdFeB (Neodymium) Magnet Outsanding product:
1)high performance: N52, N48M, 48SH, 42UH, 38EH, 33AH
2)high working temperature: The AH series with 40 k Oe super-high coervice force can replace SmCo magnets successfully.
3)high consistency: The cpk of Br and Hcj are much higher than 1.67 the consisitency of surface magnetic field and magnetic flux can be controlled with +/-1%
4)High Anti-corrosion: The sale spray test and humid heat test of the high anti-corrosion coating could be more than 1000 hours
5) low weight loss

PCT: 130c, humidity 100%, vapor pressure 2.7 bar. 20 days, average low weight loss less than 2 mg/cm2. N42H Strong Neodymium Arc Permanent Magnet for Rotary Encoders

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