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N42 Diametral NdFeB Cylinder Magnets

/N42 Diametral NdFeB Cylinder Magnets
  • N42 Diametral NdFeB Cylinder Magnets

N42 Diametral NdFeB Cylinder Magnets, Neodymium-Iron-Boron Cylindrical Bar Magnets, Diametric Magnetization Black Epoxy Coating Engineering Permanent Magnet, magnetic rods

N42 Diametral NdFeB Cylinder Magnets Parameter
Material NdFeB Magnet
Grade N42 or as per customers
Size D4x10mm or as per customers
Magnetization Diametric
Coating Black Epoxy
Certifications ISO9001, SGS, TS16949
Delivery time About 15 days

Engineering Service
As custom magnet manufacturers, engineering is at the heart of our business
High quality
Passed the ISO9001:2008 quality system authentication and ROHS authentication.
100% guarantee for customers

Magnet products can be compared based on features and properties such as number of poles, size, pull force, flux plate, plastic casing and more. Accessories can be purchased additionally and include some supporting tools such as trigger point locator and electric stim to further enhance use.

Typically the direction of magnetization begins with the two general types of magnets: isotropic and anisotropic.

The majority of magnets are anisotropic meaning they have a preferred direction of magnetization. Anisotropic magnets want to be magnetized in this preferred direction. During the magnetization process, a magnetic field is applied in the direction of magnetization to orient the material and increase the magnet’s performance potential. For this reason, anisotropic magnets may also be referred to as oriented material. Examples of anisotropic magnets include cast alnico and high energy flexible magnetic sheeting .

On the other hand, isotropic magnets have equal magnetic properties in all directions. So it’s possible to magnetize these magnets in any direction. Isotropic magnets, also referred to as non-oriented magnets, are pressed, or cast, with no particular polarity and are magnetized later in the manufacturing process. While this process accommodates a broader range of magnetization options, the resulting magnet never reaches its maximum potential. One example of an isotropic magnet is bonded neodymium. Formwork Construction Shuttering Magnets Neodymium 3100KG

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