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N35UH Neodymium Laminated Glued Magnets

/N35UH Neodymium Laminated Glued Magnets
  • N35UH Neodymium Laminated Glued Magnets

N35UH Neodymium Laminated Glued Magnets, Block Permanent NdFeB Laminated Magnet, insulated magnet or glued magnet for High Efficiency Motor, Reducing Eddy Current Loss sintered Ndfeb / SmCo glued permanent magnets, Segmentation Technology Layered Magnet

N35UH Neodymium Laminated Glued Magnets Part No. HSLAMIM-12
Customzied Specific Requirements
Know as Lamination Magnetic Core
OEM or ODM service: Accept
Custom Grade: N35UH
Surface Treatment: Phosphate / epoxy
Tolerance: +/-0.02 – 0.05mm

Laminated magnet is produced with several pieces of magnets glued so as to reach insulation effect between those pieces. Therefore sometimes laminated magnet is also called insulated magnet or glued magnet. Laminated SmCo or laminated Neodymium rare earth magnets are proven to reduce the eddy current loss for the high efficiency motors.

The fewer the eddy current loss becomes, the lower the heat generates to enhance higher efficiency. Nowadays the demand of laminated rare earth magnets has been going up, because aerospace, industrial markets and promising EV especially are dedicating to pursuing the balance between motor power and heat.  Custom Drawing Design Block Insulated Magnet Thanks to knowledge in electric motor and extensive experience in laminated magnets, Horizon can work with customers to improve motor performance through ensuring laminated magnets with following characteristics:

Stable working at temperature up to 200˚C
Consistency of insulation guaranteed
Insulation layer ranging 25 -100 μm
Magnet layer with thickness from 0.5mm and up in a wide of shapes like block, loaf, segment and wedge
Magnet material in SmCo or Neodymium

Applications of Eddy Currents
As you know that by the effect of Eddy Current the heat which is produced is not utilized for any useful work as they are a major source of energy loss in AC machines like transformer, generators, and motors and, therefore, it is known as an Eddy Current Loss. However, there are some uses of this eddy current like in Induction heating.

In the case of induction heating, an iron shaft is placed as a core of an induction coil. A large amount of heat is produced at the outermost part of the shaft by the eddy current when the high-frequency current is passed through the coil. At the centre of the shaft, the amount of the heat reduces. This is because the outermost periphery of the shaft offers a low resistance path for the eddy currents.This process is used in automobiles for surface hardening of heavy shafts. Permanent Tile Segment Shape NdFeB Laminated Magnet
The effect of eddy current is also used in electrical instruments like in induction type energy meters for providing braking torque
For providing damping torque in permanent magnet moving coil instruments.
Eddy current instruments are used for detecting cracks in metal parts.
Used in trains having eddy currents brakes.

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