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Multipurpose Magnetic Clips Green

/Multipurpose Magnetic Clips Green
  • Multipurpose Magnetic Clips Green

Multipurpose Magnetic Clips Green, Heavy Duty Magnetic Clips Ferrite Round Base Pot Holder Organizer, Flat Ferrite Pot Magnet with Clips, Ferrite Monopole Magnets, Refrigerator Magnet Clips, Strong Permanent Cap Magnets, Magnetic Clips Kitchen Calendar Whiteboard Magnet Clips Magnetic Bag Paper Clips Supplier

Multipurpose Magnetic Clips Green Feature
Part No. HS-RBFB36C-G
Color Green
Style  Clips Magnet
Size D36xH40mm / Customized Size
Shape Pot Flat Magnet with Clip
Composite Ferrite Magnet
Delivery Time 25 working days

Item No. D H L1 L2 T1 T2 Force Weight Color
mm mm mm mm mm mm Kg N Lbs g
HS-RBFB36C-B 36 40 25 20 23.5 6.6 7 66 15 40 Black
HS-RBFB36C-W 36 40 25 20 23.5 6.6 7 66 15 40 White
HS-RBFB36C-R 36 40 25 20 23.5 6.6 7 66 15 40 Red
HS-RBFB36C-Y 36 40 25 20 23.5 6.6 7 66 15 40 Yellow
HS-RBFB36C-G 36 40 25 20 23.5 6.6 7 66 15 40 Green
HS-RBFB36C-BL 36 40 25 20 23.5 6.6 7 66 15 40 Blue


It is kind of creative to put clip and pot magnet together to make our lives handy. We really need to use our brilliance to bring out more of this combination. Now we just have one size of metal magnet clips for each product as shown on the web page and it is because most users are OK with the size and are happy with the force. If you need something different either dimension-wise or force-wise you let us know and we are full of flexibilities. Heavy Duty Magnetic Clips Ferrite Round Base Pot

Magnetic clips are great for organizing your home and workspace and are great for either holding up items temporarily or for semi-permanent applications. Ceramic magnet core has outstanding longevity and heat resistance and has an expected service life of years.

These beautiful but tough little magnets will hold a thick stack of papers tightly and without sliding! They are great for holding photographs, recipes or documents, and will brighten up any space lucky enough to have one. Use them in a classroom, on your fridge or to give as gifts. Blue Heavy Duty Refrigerator Magnet Clip with Ferrite Ring

This heavy duty aluminum magnetic clip is great for holding up stuff to your fridge or for holding up items in the classroom or office. The durable aluminum clip is riveted into the base of the magnet to give it a solid construction and won’t break or bend. The magnet base is constructed of a black painted steel cup with a ceramic magnet embedded into it with epoxy to give it up to 15 lbs of pull force on with a direct pull on a steel surface. This translates to it being able to hold up to 80 sheets of paper when the clip is attached to a thick steel surface.

Magnetic clips are a useful, creative and cost-effective promotional product to help you advertise your business. Clip magnets for refrigerators can be used to hold coupon bags, small calendars and kids’ artwork. They come in many different shapes and sizes, including ribbon-shaped magnets, heart-shaped magnets and house-shaped magnets. The clip magnets at are durable and large enough to fit your business name and even a phone number so that your customers keep you in mind for years to come. Check out all of the promotional magnetic clips available in our wide selection today, or contact us to learn more about our products and kickstart your creativity!

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