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Multipole Magnetization Injection Ferrite Rotor Magnet for Motors

/Multipole Magnetization Injection Ferrite Rotor Magnet for Motors
  • Multipole Magnetization Injection Ferrite Rotor Magnet for Motors

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Multipole Magnetization Injection Ferrite Rotor Magnet for Motors Part No. HSIMM-24
Material: injection-molded Ferrite
Number of magnetizing poles: radial multipole 8 poles
Application: automobile motor, rotors

Material: injection bonded Ferrite magnets (plastic magnets)
Magnet Shape: Ring
Magnet Size: OD 30mm, T 10mm
Magnetization: 12 Poles on OD
Surface Magnetic filed: 1300-1500Gauss
This magnet is overmoulding on the shaft part ,This specification defines the dimensional and magnetic properties of a multipole magnetic ring for sensor applications.
Applications: Motors,Couplings,Sensors,Holding systems,Loudspeakers,microphones and much more.

Application of Injection Magnets
Injection magnet is divided into magnetic ring, magnetic rotor and injection NdFeB. The product dimension has high precision and it is applicable to multi-pole magnetization. These magnets can be made into various complex shapes with adding axle or other inserts in the manufacturing process.

It is widely used in micro-motor, car seat, skylight, wiper, automatic control, electromobile, sensor and high-class household appliances, etc.

The Injection magnets can be processed into thin-walled ring, rods, slice and various special complex shapes (such as: steps, damping trough, holes, pins, and more

Our injection-molded magnets offer tremendous design versatility allowing engineers to add unique features to the magnet or magnet assembly that cannot be easily obtained using ceramic or sintered magnets. Injection-molded magnets are far less brittle, offer tighter tolerances, and meet magnetic requirements to a tighter tolerance. The injection-molding process can hold tolerances down to +/- .0005″ (.01mm). With this in mind you can easily see that tighter air gaps, precision press fits and intricate details can be achieved with great success.

Design features may be assembly keys, mechanical features, reduced part weight and size, inserts, and unique magnet geometry. You may also utilize the option to add a second or even third injection molding process to capture multiple design requirements in one magnetic solution!

Our experience incorporating two or three components in one molded assembly can represent tremendous cost savings. Using fabricated steel inserts is a cost-effective way of eliminating steps in the manufacturing process. Incorporating inserts in bonded-magnet design produces a product that has exceptional uniformity and functionality. Engineered thermoplastics are also an excellent choice as an alternative to steel inserts, offering the opportunity to add structural ribs, fine threads and color coding. Many binder systems can be used when injection molding magnets. Injection Plastic Magnetic Rotor 8 Poles

Typically a nylon 6 or nylon 12 is used. Other options include PPS, EEA, or heat-resistant polyamides. When optimizing a second or third operation in the molding process, there is a very wide range of thermoplastics available to meet specific requirements. 8 Poles Plastic Injection Bonded Ferrite Rotor Magnets

The properties of injection molded magnets vary greatly, depending on the type of magnetic material and binder utilized. HSMAG has both Neodymium and Hard Ferrite injection molding capability, and it is also possible to utilize a blend of different magnetic material to produce the desired properties. Several types of binder can be employed depending on the application, and we offer a variety of nylon and PPS grades to suit the specific needs of our customers. Various Shape Custom Injection Molded NdFeB Magnet

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