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Multipolar Isotropic Ferrite Ring Permanent Magnet

/Multipolar Isotropic Ferrite Ring Permanent Magnet
  • Multipolar Isotropic Ferrite Ring Permanent Magnet

Multipolar Isotropic Ferrite Ring Permanent Magnet, Ceramic Multi-pole Magnets, motor rotor permanent ring magnets, Radially Orientation Multi-polar Magnetic Ring, Anisotropic hard ferrite magnetic rings for electronic motors

Multipolar Isotropic Ferrite Ring Permanent Magnet Features:
Specification size: custom design drawing
Magnetizing mode: Radial 6 poles
Type: Permanent
Magnet Tolerance: +0.1mm
Composition: Sintered Ferrite Magnet (hard ceramic)

Multi-pole Magnetic Ring Permanent Magnet for Motor Rotor
Product Applications: Inductors, Fume Machines, Sensors, Permanent Magnet DC Motor
Magnetization mode: radial multistage
Delivery cycle: Existing specimens are sent free of charge, and production takes about 15-20 days.

Magnetic rotor, or permanent magnet rotor is the non stationary part of a motor. The rotor is the moving part in an electric motor, generator and more. Magnetic rotors are designed with multiple poles. Each pole alternates in polarity (north & south). Opposite poles rotate about a central point or axis (basically, a shaft is located in the middle). This is the principal design for rotors. It is used in the In-wheel Motor of Electric Sport Car, Wheel Size 16 inches. Sintered Ferrite Motor Rotor Multipole Radial 8-pole Magnetic Ring

Multipole magnetic ring is a non-standard customized product. Each magnet product of our company is manufactured according to the customer’s demand, such as: magnetization method and pole number, tolerance dimension, magnetic force size, etc.

Please let us know the specification, quantity and surface magnetic field strength of the multipolar ring ferrite you want to buy. We will reply you as soon as we receive your inquiry. Hard Ferrite Motor Rotor Multi-pole Ring Permanent Magnets
Our company can provide ferrite rotor separately or injection molding as a whole, and accept customization. Welcome to inquire our company about the specifications of ready-made (or near) ferrite multipole rotor magnet.

Which products are the radial multipole magnetic ring mainly used in?
customer needs, 2 poles, 4 poles, 8 poles, 12 poles, 18 poles, 24 poles, 32 poles, 48 poles, etc.
Radial 2-pole ferrite magnets are commonly used in dishwashers, washing machines and pump rotors.
Radial 4-pole ferrite magnet is often used in fish tank water pump and pump motor.
Radial 6-pole ferrite magnets are commonly used in household appliances, magnetic pumps and water flow sensors.
Radial 8-pole ferrite magnetic rings are commonly used in air conditioning, fan motors and oil-electric hybrid vehicles.
Radial 12-pole ferrite magnetic rings are mostly used in air-conditioning, automotive oil pump motor, motor testing.
Radial 16-pole ferrite magnetic rings are used in mahjong machines, air-conditioning motor rotors and DC brushless motors.

Hard ferrite magnets
Barium ferrite and strontium ferrite are sintered metal oxides BaO2 or SrO2 combined with Fe203.
Raw materials for such magnets are abundant and inexpensive. Hard ferrites are the most used permanent magnet materials worldwide. They are made isotropic or anisotropic. Radial Magnetization Multipolar Tube Ferrite Magnets
Isotropic magnets have nearly the same magnetic properties in all directions. They can be magnetised accordingly. Their magnetic energy is low, so is their price.
Anisotropic magnets are compressed in a magnetic field, resulting in one preferred direction of magnetisation. In comparison to isotropic magnets their energy density is about 300 % higher. The coercivity is high in relation to the remanence. This means that such magnets must have a large pole area, i.e. circular magnets must have a disc shape and not a rod form.
Hard ferrites have a high temperature coefficient. The remanence decreases by about 0.2% per degree C. They can be used between – 40 and + 200°C. Like ceramic materials, they are mechanically hard and brittle. Being oxides they do not corrode and are neither affected by climatic influences nor by many chemicals, with the exception of some strong acids. Machining is only possible with diamond tools. Sintered Ferrite Motor Rotor Multipole Radial 8-pole Magnetic Ring

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