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Multipolar Ceramic Ring Cylinder Magnet

/Multipolar Ceramic Ring Cylinder Magnet
  • Multipolar Ceramic Ring Cylinder Magnet

Multipolar Ceramic Ring Cylinder Magnet, 4 poles ceramic magnet ring, 6 poles Hard Ferrite Isotropic Multipole Radial Ring Magnet, Isotropic sintered ferrite magnets magnetic ring

Multipolar Ceramic Ring Cylinder Magnet feature

Material: hard ceramic magnet
Specification: 20 * 10* 30mm Custom size
Number of poles: 4, 6, 8, 12, 16 or other

This product is sintered hard ferrite, multi pole magnetization, mainly used in motor, magnetic sensor, etc., Our company has a lot of multi polar ring ferrite with large size and small specification, welcome to inquire samples or prices.

Magnet grade, shape & size, tolerance, coating requirement, magnetize direction, quantity are necessary details for a good quotation. Please send us drawings to make things clear if the magnet would be particularly customized.

The raw materials of ferrite magnets are mixed in the correct proportions, granulated, and calcined (presintered). After going through several intermediate phases, a hexaferrite phase (BaFe12O19 or SrFe12O19) is achieved. The presintered granulate is ground to a powder. It can then be pressed wet or dry in a magnetic field (anisotropic) or in the absence of a magnetic field (isotropic) and sintered. The nature of the manufacturing process results in ferrite magnets that frequently contains imperfections such as cracks, porosity, chips, etc. Fortunately, these imperfections rarely interfere with a magnet’s performance. Corrosion Resistance Neodymium Magnets for Generator

Size&Design  1. We have different size and shape for you winner market ;
 2 .Follow your design Mould Customized or our hot design recommend to you.
Factory Lowest Price  We are near Shenzhen airport, ensure lowest price and good quality and best service for you, we best service 7x 24 hour online, happy to meet in our company.
Feature  We are mainly produce high-end magnets with high precision, high performance and high difficulty. Mass produce ultra-high NdFeB magnets: 52SH,50UH,45EH,40AH,etc.
Application  Widely used in motors, microwave communications, audio speakers and miniature headphones, medical equipment, automotive industry, mechanical transmission, instrumentation sensors, teaching fields, magnetic adsorption systems, etc.
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