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Multi-pole Magnetized Target Wheel

/Multi-pole Magnetized Target Wheel
  • Multi-pole Magnetized Target Wheel

Multi-pole Magnetized Target Wheel, Radial Multipole Ring Rotor, Bonded Neodymium Magnetic Rings Assembly, Neobond Radial Multipole Magnetic Rings for target rotor China supplier

Multi-pole Magnetized Target Wheel – 5/8″
Part No. HSRMR-G10
Four grades of magnetic materials
Cost effective design
High resistance to demagnetization
Operation from -40°C to 125°C
Tough environmental endurance
Very resistant to chipping
Pole Count Options 4, 6, 8, 10, 12, 16, 24

Magnetic Rings Assembly Instructions
Target Rotor Mounting Guidelines, Engineered Polymer Hub (Mounting Style H) For Press Fit Application
• Proper alignment of the target rotor is critical for optimal performance.
• A machined step on the motor shaft provides a quick and repeatable method for positioning the target rotor. Spacers or other fixturing
should be used to properly position the rotor if no mechanical locating features are on the shaft.
• Various adhesives can be used to bond the target rotor to the motor shaft. Shaft alloys, operating environment, and shaft speed and
acceleration should be taken into consideration when selecting an appropriate bonding agent. Loctite threadlockers and retaining
compounds have proved effective in bonding the target rotor to the motor shaft. Loctite 263 and 2760 threadlockers and Loctite 638 and
680 retaining compounds are good candidates. These materials have been effective in past experience; testing under actual operating
conditions should be used to qualify any bonding material.
• For best results, the motor shaft should be clean and free of any oils, lubricants, or solvents.
• Apply adhesive around the leading edge of the shaft and inside the hole in the rotor. Use a rotating motion when assembling the magnet
to the shaft to insure good adhesive coverage.
• The use of primers and activators can be used to improve bond strength and cure rate.
• For non-critical applications or for fast bonding for evaluation, a cyanoacrylate adhesive (super glue) can be used. Loctite 401 and 410
have proven effective for quick bonding applications.

Multi-pole magnetized target wheels are uniquely constructed of a proprietary mix of magnet materials and engineering thermoplastics. The result is a unitized magnet target wheel which produces a very accurate, homogeneous magnetic field and has very tight mechanical tolerances. This provides for a very low cost product, compared to the traditional, high component count wheels with individual magnet bars glued into place. radial multipole ring rotor

Tight tolerance control, precise pole location, and very consistent magnetic performance make these target wheels well suited for speed, commutation, encoding, counting, and tachometry applications. Three standard grades of materials allow for a wide range of air gap capabilities. Adhesive bonding is the recommended mode of mounting, although many customers have satisfactorily attached these targets to their shafts using various other schemes. Please feel free to contact Phoenix America Inc. for application engineering or product assistance. Multi-pole Magnetized Target Wheel


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Product Range

Bore Size


Motor Shaft

O.D. Size

NEMA Guide

Shaft Tolerance

Magnet Bore


Magnet Bore


079 2 mm +0.0000″/-0.0005″ .0777″ .0807″
118 3 mm .1171″ .1201″
125 1/8 in .1240″ .1270″
156 5/32 in .1553″ .1583″
157 4 mm .1565″ .1595″
188 3/16 in .1865″ .1895″
197 5 mm .1959″ .1989″
236 6 mm .2354″ .2384″
250 1/4 in .2490″ .2520″
276 7 mm .2747″ .2777″
313 5/16 in .3115″ .3145″
315 8 mm .3140″ .3170″
375 3/8 in .3740″ .3770″
Property Value Units
Tensile Strength 6500 PSI
Flexural Strength 9750 PSI
Flexural Modulus 1.3×106 PSI
Continuous Service Temperature 100 oC


Property Magnalox 300 Neobond 12M Neobond 30M Neobond 32P Units
Remanence (Br) 1370 2500 4000  4300 Gauss
Coercive Force (Hc) 1180 2400 3250  2500 MGOe
Energy Product (BHMAX) 0.40 1.3 3.1  3.2 Oersted
Intrinsic Coercive Force (Hci) 2300 7500 7000  6900 Oersted
Reversible Temperature Coefficient -0.2 -0.35 -0.4  -0.4 /oC
Specific Gravity 3.5 4.0 4.7  4.45
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