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Multi-Pole Magnetic Rotor AlNiCo, Cast Alnico Magnetic Rotor System, Alnico Holding Magnets, Multi-Pole Magnetic Rotor 70lb Pull, Alnico Pot Magnet Holding Assemblies, Alnico Multi Pole (Rotor) Magnets Assemblies

Multi-Pole Magnetic Rotor AlNiCo Technical Specs:
Multi-Pole Magnetic Rotor  with Brass Steel Material Alnico Max Pull 70 lb. Thickness 1.250 In. Overall Length 1-1/4 In. Overall Width 2-1/8 In. Diameter 2-1/8 In. Stability Temp 176 Degrees F

• Alnico rotor magnets are made with Alnico 5 material and have a maximum temperature of approximately 1000°F.
• They are supplied un-magnetized unless otherwise requested. Magnetization after assembly is required to gain the full benefits of these magnets.
• We provide a magnetization service for assemblies incorporating these magnets. We can normally magnetize them within one working day of receipt.

Alnico magnets are made primarily from aluminum, nickel, cobalt, copper, iron and sometimes titanium. Among all the available magnetic materials, they have high magnetic flux density, resistance to corrosion and excellent temperature stability, the maximum working temperature up to 600℃. Alnico magnet is widely used in all kinds of sensors and meters, electronics, instruments, medical instruments, teaching, automobile, aviation, martial and other applications.

Cast Alnico can be made into intricate and complex shapes, which is not possible with other magnetic materials.
alnico rotor magnet, Multi-Pole Insulated Magnet
Alnico Magnetic Characteristics-english

To minimize the volume of magnet material required by an application, the entire magnetic circuit must be considered. An optimized circuit design results in a circuit permeance coefficient that causes the magnet to operate above the knee of its demagnetization curve by a margin large enough to offset anticipated operating demagnetizing effects. Optimized steel components result in an effective magnetic length greater than the magnet itself, but this is only effective if the magnet can be magnetized after assembly into the circuit. The alternate is to design the magnet shape to produce a load line, on its own, that intersects the BH curve above its knee, so minimal flux is lost due to the self demagnetizing factor upon removal from the magnetizing fixture. In either case, a magnetizing force of 3.0 kOe must be applied to Alnico 5 magnets and 7.0 kOe for Alnico 8. When magnetized in a magnetic circuit, the magnetizing pulse must be wide enough to allow eddy currents in the steel to decay before dropping below these values.

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  • Main Physical & Mechanical Properties of Alnico Magnet
  • Demagnetization Curves of Alnico Magnets
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  • Support Custom Alnico Magnets and Assemblies

Applications with temperatures up to 900°F can be achieved without damage to Alnico magnetic material or Magnet Assembly.

Alnico Pot Holding Magnets are assembled with non-magnetic sleeves between the magnet and the “pot”. The absence of epoxy binder allows for high temperatures and chemical stripping applications.


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Product Range

A B C D E Poles Pull Lbs Part No.#
0.875″ 0.406″ 0.437″ 0.875″ 0.265″ 2 12 HSMUR40F0005
1.000″ 0.354″ 0.500″ 1.000″ 0.265″ 2 12 HSMUR40F0006
1.250″ 0.600″ 0.312″ 0.750″ 0.187″ 2 18 HSMUR40F0007
1.250″ 0.531″ 0.687″ 1.370″ 0.312″ 2 23 HSMUR40F0008
1.000″ 0.500″ 0.250″ 0.750″ 0.266″ 4 16 HSMUR40H0001
1.250″ 0.625″ 0.250″ 0.75″ 0.266″ 6 25 HSMUR40H0002
1.810″ 0.760″ 0.375″ 1.250″ 0.313″ 6 60 HSMUR40H0003
2.000″ 1.000″ 0.375″ 1.250″ 0.500″ 8 65 HSMUR40H0004