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Multi-Pole AlNiCo Magnet Assemblies for Rotor

/Multi-Pole AlNiCo Magnet Assemblies for Rotor
  • Multi-Pole AlNiCo Magnet Assemblies for Rotor

Multi-Pole AlNiCo Magnet Assemblies for Rotor, Cast Alnico Magnetic Rotor System, Alnico rotor with protected steel sleeve and potted with epoxy, Alnico Cylindrical Magnetic Rotor Assemblies, Alnico Multi Polar Rotor Magnets Assemblies

Multi-Pole AlNiCo Magnet Assemblies for Rotor with protected steel sleeve and potted with epoxy Part No.  HSMUR series

• Alnico rotor magnets are made with Alnico 5 material and have a maximum temperature of approximately 1000°F.
• They are supplied un-magnetized unless otherwise requested. Magnetization after assembly is required to gain the full benefits of these magnets.
• We provide a magnetization service for assemblies incorporating these magnets. We can normally magnetize them within one working day of receipt.

Alnico magnets are made primarily from aluminum, nickel, cobalt, copper, iron and sometimes titanium. Among all the available magnetic materials, they have high magnetic flux density, resistance to corrosion and excellent temperature stability, the maximum working temperature up to 600℃. Alnico magnet is widely used in all kinds of sensors and meters, electronics, instruments, medical instruments, teaching, automobile, aviation, martial and other applications.

Cast Alnico can be made into intricate and complex shapes, which is not possible with other magnetic materials.
alnico rotor magnet
Alnico Magnetic Characteristics-english

Alnico rotor with protected steel sleeve and potted with epoxy.
Alnico magnets derive their magnetic properties and name from these elements – ALuminum, NIckel, and CObalt. They have the widest range of temperature stability of any standard magnetic material – up to 1,000°F, at which approximately 85% of room temperature magnetization is retained. Temperature changes above this are largely structural and not fully reversible or re-magnetizable. Alnico magnets are manufactured using a powder metallurgy process (sintered alnico) or a foundry process (cast alnico). Other characteristics include high residual induction as well as relatively high energies. The corrosion resistance of alnico is considered excellent and no surface treatments are required, but alnico magnets can be easily plated. Multi-Pole Magnetic Rotor AlNiCo

Cast alnico magnets are manufactured by pouring a molten metal alloy into a mold and then processing it through various heat-treat cycles. The resulting magnet has a dark gray appearance and may have a rough surface. Machined surfaces have a shiny appearance similar to steel. Cast magnets may be manufactured in complex shapes such as horseshoes, which is not possible with other magnet materials.

Types of Cast Alnico

Cast Alnico 5 — This is the most commonly used. This alnico material is used extensively in rotating machinery, meters, instruments, sensing devices, and holding applications, to name a few. For best results with alnico 5 magnets, the length should be no less than 5 times the cross-section diameter; or 5 times the diameter of a circle equal in area to the cross section.
Cast Alnico 8 — This magnet has the highest temperature stability of any commercially available magnetic material. Improved crystal structure and alloying techniques achieve a 6.0 energy product and high resistance to demagnetization. Typical uses include computer keyboards, drives, printers, microphones, meters, motors, generators, relays, reed-switch relays, and transducers.


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Product Range

A B C D E Poles Pull Lbs Part No.#
0.875″ 0.406″ 0.437″ 0.875″ 0.265″ 2 12 HSMUR40F0005
1.000″ 0.354″ 0.500″ 1.000″ 0.265″ 2 12 HSMUR40F0006
1.250″ 0.600″ 0.312″ 0.750″ 0.187″ 2 18 HSMUR40F0007
1.250″ 0.531″ 0.687″ 1.370″ 0.312″ 2 23 HSMUR40F0008
1.000″ 0.500″ 0.250″ 0.750″ 0.266″ 4 16 HSMUR40H0001
1.250″ 0.625″ 0.250″ 0.75″ 0.266″ 6 25 HSMUR40H0002
1.810″ 0.760″ 0.375″ 1.250″ 0.313″ 6 60 HSMUR40H0003
2.000″ 1.000″ 0.375″ 1.250″ 0.500″ 8 65 HSMUR40H0004