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MPP Cores, Toroid Magnetic MPP Core, MPP Magnetic Powder Core, MPP toroid core, MPP powder cores, High-performance ferrite T type core, MPP powder core for transformer

Mode: MPP Cores (Magnetic Powder Cores)
a.High saturation magnetic induction, high permeability.
b.Excellent DC current bias.
c. High frequency, low loss, low noise.
d. Excellent thermal stability.

MPP Core is made from 81%Ni,2%Mo,17%Fe,It has a saturation flux density of 7500Gs and permeability from 26 to 125,MPP core also the lowest core loss in magnetic powder cores and excellent temperature stability among all other materials ,but its price is the most expensive .The nearly zero magnetostriction alloy makes MPP Core ideal for eliminating audible frequency noise, It is mainly applied in high Q filter, LC circuit for high temperature stability, output inductor, power compensation circuit etc.

As one of the professional and leading China ring shape magnetic power core manufacturers and suppliers, HSMAG can bring you high quality and high precision magnetic power core from our productive factory which can offer you products in stock at low price. Should you have special requirements, we can also give customized products buying service.

MPP Cores is made from 17%Fe,81%Ni and 2%Mo. It has the high resistmty . Low magnetic hysteresis and low eddy loss. It has the lowest core loss and best temperature stability in the magnetic cores. It is very sutable for apply in Fly-back Transfomers. Inductor for High Q、PFC Chokes, Noise Filters and so on.

Ferrites that are used in transformer or electromagnetic cores contain nickel, zinc, and/or manganese compounds. They have a low coercivity and are called soft ferrites. The low coercivity means the material’s magnetization can easily reverse direction without dissipating much energy (hysteresis losses), while the material’s high resistivity prevents eddy currents in the core, another source of energy loss. Because of their comparatively low losses at high frequencies, they are extensively used in the cores of RF transformers and inductors in applications such as switched-mode power supplies and loopstick antennas used in AM radios.
High Flux Core is made from 50%Ni and 50%Fe.

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