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Mini Magnetic Pick-Up Tool

/Mini Magnetic Pick-Up Tool
  • Mini Magnetic Pick-Up Tool

Mini Magnetic Pick-Up Tool, Telescoping Magnetic Pick Up, Magnetic Pointers Tool, Pocket Clip Magnet Holder, Small Telescoping Pick up/Pointer, Magnetic Picking Device

Mini Magnetic Pick-Up Tool Feature:
Part No.: MPUT-8010
Type: Telescoping
Length: 13.5 – 60.5 cm
Pull: 5 lbs.

Telescoping Magnetic Pick-Up Tool features: Chrome Plated Steel Shaft, Gold Plated Pocket Clip, Cap, and Magnet Holder, Yellow Enamel Coated Housing, Telescopes from 13.5cm to 60.5cm, Powerful Magnet can Lift up to 5-Lbs.

Telescoping Pick up/Pointer is ideal for retrieving small metal objects such as nails, screws, washers, key rings and more, with a handy pocket clip attached.

Magnetic Pick Up Tools (Magnetic Retrieving Tools, Magnetic Picking Device, Pick Up Magnets) from HangSeng Magnetic Tech features a powerful neodymium permanent magnet in the tip. Magnetic Pick-up Tools (Magnetic Retrieving Tools)  from us have prosperous styles, Lightweight Pick Up Tool Magnets inclued Bendable Pick Up Magnets, Telescoping Pick Up/Pointers, Extendable Pick Up Magnets, Pocket Pick Up Magnet and Magnetic Pick-up Tool Attachment. Handy to have around for collecting dropped metal items such as screws and nuts! Magnetic Pick-up tools can lift up to 32 times its own weight. Magnetic Pick Up Tools are available in being used in a wide range. Magnetic Pick-up Tool can reach long. Magnetic Pick-up tool (Magnetic Retrieving Tool) can be bent to reach almost any location. We can customize Magnetic Pick-up tools (Magnetic Retrieving Tools) according to customer’s actual requirement.

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Product Range

Part No. Lbs. Pull Self Length
MPUT-8001 20 19 – 72.5 cm
MPUT-8002 12 19 –84 cm
MPUT-8003(Fomer MPUT-6006) 5 13.5 – 60.5 cm
MPUT-004S(Fomer MPUT-6011) 5 14 – 61 cm
MPUT-8004B(Fomer MPUT-6011) 5 14 – 61 cm
MPUT-8005 8 17.5 – 65.5 cm
MPUT-8006 8 16.5 – 62 cm
MPUT-8010 5 13.5 – 60.5 cm
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