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Microphone Neodymium Magnetic Rings

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Neodymium Magnetic Rings are used in the Microphone – Microphones use the same principle as the human ear to work, except they use a ring magnet and a coil to convert the sound into an electric signal.
From a vibration in the air, a thin layer of soft material called diaphragm is set to pulse. As it pulses, it pulls or pushes the coil in front of or arround a ring magnet.

As the coil moves backwards and forwards in front of the permanent magnet, an electric current is generated into the coil.
The bigger the voulme is, the biger the air waves will be and and together the intensity of the current generated by the interaction between the coil and the ring magnet.
The higher the pitch of the sound is, the higher the frequency of the waves will be as well as the frequency of the current.

For Microphones, A Neodymium or Neodyme Ring Magnet Is Commonly Advised

Microphones have high requirements and specifications. The permanent magnet inside wust provide a strong magnetic power, yet it has to keep very little dimensions.
Therefore, today most of the magnets for speakers come in the shape of rings and into a base magnetic material called Neodyme (for Nedymium).

We at HSMAG have been designing permanent ring magnets for more that a century and took part in the design of the early microphones.
Though we generally supply Nedymium ring magnets when it comes to microphones, we are always innovating in this field and trying new materials and designs to supply our customers with the best microphone rings.

Please contact us and we will be happy to study your application with you.

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