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Metallic Black Zen Magnet

/Metallic Black Zen Magnet
  • Metallic Black Zen Magnets

Metallic Black Zen Magnet Wholesale, 5mm Magnetic Spheres, Standard Buckyballs Set, Zen Magnets Neocube, High-Powered Sphere Magnets, Gray Neo Buckyballs, Neo Ball, CyberCube

Zen Magnet – Part No.: NeoCube-MB-5
Color: Metallic Black
Size of Ball: Ø 5mm Dia
Size of Cube: 1 ½” high x 1 ½” wide x 1 ½” long
Material: Sintered Neodymium Magnets / NdFeB
Triple Coated: nickel – copper – nickel
Material density: 7.5
Remanence: 1.21 (T)
Curie temperature: 310-370 (℃)
Maximum energy product: 270-380 (KJ/m3)
Coercivity: 915 (KA / m)
Intrinsic Coercivity: 965 (KA / m)
Operating temperature: 80 (℃)
Package Contents:
1x 5mm magnetic balls (216pcs as a set)
Original Metal Box X 1

Do you know religion? Do you respect to it? Now, I introduce a product to you, which we call it as zen magnets. Those neocube magnets look like a dolphin’s Buddha beads. Those people who believe in Buddhism like to chant their sutras holding Buddha bead. When zen magnet are produced, they have begun a large-scale wholesale. A number of countries around the world you can see their shadow.
ball magnets are small but it is full of magnetic, which can attract all things that with iron, but also to attract to you. It is 5mm in diameter, with strong powerful and strong rare earth super-magnets. Large-scale sphere neo magnets wholesale, not only bring you joy, while intended to also get a higher income. Zen magnet are subject to a lot of people affection and adoration. original neocube magnetic nanodots
A large-scale wholesale of the zen magnet will become the trend in the future. Research shows that more and more people will love it and can not do without it. While you can find a factory which products zen magnets, then start you wholesale business. Or you can buy it from other wholesaler and make a wholesalers chain. Buy Magcube Magnets from factory it need sometime take big quantity and waiting long time after production finishd. Ballcube magnets from wholesaler you can get on time because they can keep the stock. Buy CyberCube NeoCube magnets from China wholesaler and save the money.

Ah, carbon – how sweet you are. You can be the time frame of lifestyle on Earth, you allow our pencils write, and you also type one of the most fortuitous fullerenes. And what are fullerenes, but a choice of balls. Now, envision replacing all those hard to hold out with atoms, with unusual earth magnetic spheres. Suddenly, you have BuckyBalls Magnetic building toys, and now your lifestyle will by no signifies be the same.Because BuckyBalls Magnetic building toys are really that cool. You can acquire essential shapes, intricate sculptures, magnetic jewelry, and even outfit your refrigerator in bold and unique ways. Just appear whatsoever of the shapes and types you could make with these bad boys – it’s amazing! Neo Zen Magnets BuckyBalls Magnetic building toys are just what be optimistic you support you brave the boredom inside the office.

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Product Range

Part No. Ø Diameter Grade Magnet Color
NeoCube-LWFV-5 5mm N35 NdFeB Light White and fluorescent varnish
NeoCube-W-5 Original White
NeoCube-GY-5 Gray
NeoCube-LRFV-5 Light Red and fluorescent varnish
NeoCube-R-5  Red
NeoCube-S-5 Sliver
NeoCube-DP-5 Dark Purple
NeoCube-DB-5 Dark Blue
NeoCube-P-5 Purple
NeoCube-LPFV-5 Light Pink and fluorescent varnish
NeoCube-PK-5 Pink
NeoCube-OR-5 Orange
NeoCube-NI-5 Nickle / metallic
NeoCube-BNI-5 Black Nickle
NeoCube-RZ-5 Red Zinc
NeoCube-CR-5 Chrome
NeoCube-BC-5 Blue Copper
NeoCube-B-5 Black
NeoCube-GR-5 Green
NeoCube-BL-5 Blue
NeoCube-BS-5 Brass
NeoCube-DG-5 Dark Green
NeoCube-G-5 Gold
NeoCube-GB-5 Green Blue
NeoCube-LB-5 Light Blue
NeoCube-LG-5 Light Green
NeoCube-MB-5 Metallic Black
NeoCube-NI-3 3mm Nickle / metallic
NeoCube-NI-4 4mm Nickle / metallic
NeoCube-NI-6 6mm Nickle / metallic
NeoCube-NI-7 7mm Nickle / metallic
NeoCube-NI-8 8mm Nickle / metallic
NeoCube-NI-9 9mm Nickle / metallic
NeoCube-NI-10 10mm Nickle / metallic
NeoCube-NI38-5 5mm N38 Nickle / metallic
NeoCube-NI40-5 5mm N40 Nickle / metallic
NeoCube-NI38-7 7mm N38 Nickle / metallic
NeoCube-NI40-7 7mm N40 Nickle / metallic
FeCube-30-5 5mm Y30 Ferrite Black
FeCube-30-7 7mm Y30 Ferrite Black
FeCube-30-9 9mm Y30 Ferrite Black
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