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Metal Detector Treasure Neodymium Magnet 150KG

/Metal Detector Treasure Neodymium Magnet 150KG
  • Treasure-Neodymium-Magnet

Metal Detector Treasure Neodymium Magnet 150KG, Recovery Magnet for Lost Keys Nail Finder River Fishing Treasure Hunting, Recovery Retrieving Magnet Metal Detector, Color Zn Plated Extra Strong NdFeB Pot Magnet with Eyeblot, hunting magnet, retrieval magnet

Colour Zinc Coated Metal Detector Treasure Neodymium Magnet Specifications:
Part No.: FNRM-5840-CZ
Neodymium Magnet size – 45mm x 25mm
Holding Pot size – 58mm x 40mm
Height – 85mm
Weight – 1,15 kg
Grade – N35
Plating – Colour Zinc
Max 80° C
Max pull force – 150kg
Application: Can be used for treasure hunting in the sea/river. Great for recovering keys down a drain or overboard a boat.

Package Included:
1 x Ndfeb Magnet
1 x Handle ringscrew

1. The PULL rating is the point at which the magnet will pull away from the metal object, not how much it will lift.
2. Please allow a bit error due to manual measurement. please make sure you do not mind before you bid.
3.The color may have different as the difference display, pls understand.

Neodymium Recovery Magnet Metal Detector ‘s Neodymium magnets are a composition of mostly Neodymium, Iron and Boron. If left exposed to the elements, the iron in the magnet will rust. To protect the magnet from corrosion and to strengthen the brittle magnet material, it is usually preferable for the magnet to be coated. There are a variety of options for coatings, but nickel is the most common and usually preferred. Our nickel plated magnets are actually triple plated with layers of nickel, copper, and nickel again. This triple coating makes our magnets much more durable than the more common single nickel plated magnets. Some other options for coating are zinc, tin, copper, epoxy, silver and gold. Our gold plated magnets are actually quadruple plated with nickel, copper, nickel and a top coating of gold. Neodymium magnets are a type of rare earth magnet. They are the strongest rare earth magnets and can be very dangerous if handled improperly. They are often referred to as rare earth magnets because they belong to the rare earth elements on the periodic table. But they are not the same as rare earth magnets. There are different types of rare earth magnets and Neodymium magnets are just one type. Neodymium magnets are the strongest permanent magnets available today.

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