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Mechanical Universal Magnetic Stand

/Mechanical Universal Magnetic Stand
  • Mechanical Universal Magnetic Stand

Mechanical Universal Magnetic Stand, Magnetic Stand Base with Circular Switch and Fine Adjustment, Magnetic Base w/ Digital Indicator, Structure Magnetic Stand With Universal Arm, Strong Clamping Universal Magnetic Base Dial Indicator, Buy On/off Magnetic Base China Supplier

Mechanical Universal Magnetic Stand Features:
With On/Off switch
Dovetail groove for test indicator
Magnetic base with circular switch
Strong clamping force ensures consistent, highly accurate measurement
Many models available to suit your needs

A common use for magnetic bases are metal working to hold dial indicators. Mechanical Universal Magnetic Bases can assists in setting up workpiece in machinery such as surface grinders or milling machines. The vertical post and rod in a magnetic base connect using swiveling connectors or snugs, allowing the arm to move freely so you can position the dial indicator on the workpiece. In the “on” position, the iron acts as an extension of the magnet, while in the “off” position the magnet is keeps the magnetic field from extending through the base.

Magnetic bases are designed primarily for holding dial gauge indicators. Different models cover applications from light duty to heavy duty, with standard fitments – fine adjust fitments, or flexible fitments available. Magnetic tools, including magnetic vee blocks, vices, holdfasts, floaters, a hand magnet, and demagnetizers, increase the flexibility of any tool room – from tool and die to maintenance shop.

Magnetic indicator holder / Magnetic Base Holder Stand Dial Test Indicator Tool / Dial Indicator Magnetic Base
1.This magnetic indicator holder have a range of dimension and widely use. It is mainly used for clamping the dial gauge, lever indicator ect.
2. It is one of the essential test tool, and widely used in the machinery manufacturing industry. It is also used in a variety of scientific research institutes and universities for scientific research.
3. The magnetic indicator holder is mainly consist of main pole and sub pole. It has simple structure and easy operation.

A precision stand providing stable support for such devices as electrodes and manipulators. Adjustable second arm adopts a variety of angles.
Magnetic Stand With Microadjustment
A ball joint at the base of the main post allows rotation, offering considerable versatility. Similar to last one but with a rotatable second arm.
Magnetic Stand With Extra Stem /  Universal Magnetic Bases
The base of each stand exerts a powerful magnetic force that holds it solidly on ferrous metal surfaces, even vertically or upside-down

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Product Range

Modle Size Power Weight Stem Length
HSWCE-6CA 2.3”x2”x2.2” 132LBS 3.3LBS 13.8”
HSWCE-6CB 2.3”x2”x2.2”” 132LBS 3LBS 12.2”
HSWCE-8CC 2.4”x2”x2.2” 176LBS 2.9LBS 11.4”
Modle Size(mm) Power Weight Stem Length
HSWCE-6CA 58x50x55 60Kg 1.5Kg 350mm
HSWCE-6CB 58x50x55 60Kg 1.4Kg 310mm
HSWCE-8CC 60x50x55 60Kg 1.3Kg 290mm
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