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Manual Cleaning Magnetic Separator

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  • Manual Cleaning Magnetic Separator

Manual Cleaning Magnetic Separator, Magnetic Iron Separator, HSRCYP permanent suspended magnetism magnetic separator for iron scraps, Scraping plate type Permanent Magnetic Iron Separator by Manual Cleansing Chinese Supplier

The HSRCYP series Series Manual Cleaning Magnetic Separator are kind of suspended magnets that are mainly designed to trap and hold the tramp metal from the product carried by the conveyor.often associate with the belt conveyor, vibrating conveyor and electric magnetic vibrating feeding machine

Installed in a variety of circumstances for de-iron production line to removing harmful tramp ferrous metal contamination from non-ferrous products.

Ideal for cleaning the product stream for equipment protection on shredded plastic, being conveyed between shredders and granulartor to protect against costly knife damage and maxmize product purification.

Mainly application situations for no power consumption convenience manual iron-discharging magnetic separator :
The are used in mining industry wherein the material is kept moving on.
the magnets are also used in foundries for to clean the sand.
In iron and steel industry overband magnetic separator play a pivotal role.
The overband magnetic separators have also wide applicability in food, plastic and glass electronic,tire,pape,metal,or wood recycling industries. magnetic iron separator

Features for Manual Cleaning Magnetic Separator:

These units can be installed either inline over the terminal head pulley or transversal to the conveyor. can be well applied with wet, dry, fine or course materials.

Manual cleaning, with high performance and convenience power consumption.
The design of the magnetic field in this system was selected based on the optimizes computerizes simulation.The magnets used are either ferrite or powerful rare earth/NdFeB magnets.

They are available in both flat and curved shapes can customized for different varieties and configuration to meet the client`s various needs. and could be installed either above or below the passage of material flow,assure the product purity.

Specification for HSRCYP series manual cleaning permanent magnetic separator :
It is made up with the permanent magnetic core with high performance, iron-discharging chain and iron-protecting cover

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Product Range

Model Belt
Height H mm
D*E mm
Size A*B*C mm
F*G mm
HSRCYP-4 400 125 50 70 250 470*340 1100*910*500 500*500
HSRCYP-5 500 150 60 90 580 570*440 1200*1020*550 600*600
HSRCYP-6 600 175 60 125 680 670*500 1300*1120*560 700*700
HSRCYP- 6.5 650 200 70 150 820 715*550 1380*1170*550 750*750
HSRCYP-8 800 250 70 200 1500 915*750 1630*1300*560 950*950
HSRCYP-10 1000 300 70 250 2300 1050*900 1765*1500*560 1100*1100
HSRCYP-12 1200 350 70 300 3300 1250*1140 1960*1750*580 1300*1340
HSRCYP-14 1400 400 70 350 3800 1450*1350 2180*1950*620 1500*1550
Manual Cleaning Magnetic Separator Drawing

Manual Cleaning Magnetic Separator Drawing

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