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MagPad-8 Rubber Coating Throuh Hole Mag Pad

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MagPad-8 Rubber Coating Throuh Hole Mag Pad, MagPad, Magnetic Holding Pad, Vehicle Roof Sign Magnets, Car Driver Taxi Sign Rubber Coating Magnetic Mounting Pad, Mag Pad with 2 Holes, Pot Magnets China Supplier

Rubber Coating Throuh Hole Mag Pad MagPad-8 by HSMAG Features :
Magnetised with a six-pole striped magnetic field on the magnetic pad
Form: Rubber covered magnets | zinc plated
Material: Ferrite magnets assembled on to a mild steel backing plate with a protective rubber coating over the magnets.
Ferrite Grade Y30BH / Y35 / Y33 …
Housing Galvanized steel
Rubber coated to increase friction and reduce corrosion
Suitable for use with Taxi Signs, Adverting Signs and Driving School signs

Magnetic Mounting Pad with through hole has one large rectangular bar magnet on its base.
This magnet has only one magnetic face, magnetised in the form of a multi-pole magnet.
This is where the magnetic face is magnetised in a striped pattern of alternating north and south poles e.g. north, south, north, south.

Magnetic holding pads are designed for securing items to receptive surfaces. They are used extensively for securing roof signs to vehicles and signs to steelwork and internal metal structures.
Suitable for a range of wallboard mounting applications. With two 4mm diameter holes to enable easy fixing.

Rubber Covered Throuh Hole MagPad – Vehicle Roof Signs have a high impact when it comes to advertising a business. They are widely used by large range of businesses including:
driving schools
breakdown/recovery companies
taxi companies
fast food (delivery vehicles)
vehicle sales
Our Mag Pad is a small beast of a magnet for its’ size. It is manufactured with a rubber base which protects the vehicle from paint work damage while the magnet provides up to 9kg of holding force up to the national speed limit of 70mph. The whole Mag Pad needs to be kept in contact with the metal surface of the vehicle which optimises magnetism and friction which, in turn, ensures good stability and wind resistance. The top of the Mag Pad is made up of a steel sheet with an M6, 16mm Thread and Nylock Nut both of which are zinc plated to prevent corrosion.

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Product Range


Part No.: MagPad-8
Length = 73 mm
Width = 23 mm
Thickness = 8 mm
Pull Force: 1.5 kg
Shear Force: 1 kg
Hole Centres: 63 mm
Magnet material: Rubber covered ferrite magnets and Galvanized steel
Magnet coating: Nickel (ni-cu-ni) or Zinc (zn)
Max. work temperature: +120℃

Part No. Length mm Width mm Thickness mm Force kg Shear force kg Hole Centres mm
MagPad-5 75 39 6 4 2 65
MagPad-6 75 39 12 5 3 65
MagPad-7 100 39 12 5 6.5 90
MagPad-8 73 23 8 1.5 1 63
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