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MagPad-1 Thread Stud Rubber Coated Magnetic Pad

/MagPad-1 Thread Stud Rubber Coated Magnetic Pad
  • Thread Stud Rubber Coated Magnetic Pad

MagPad-1 Thread Stud Rubber Coated Magnetic Pad, Extra Strong Magpad Magnet with Rubber Coated, Magnetic Mounting Pads, Threaded Stud Car Roof Top Magnet China Manufacturer

Rubber Coated Magnetic Pad w/ Thread Stud Part No. MagPad-1 by HSMAG Features :

Magnetic Pads (commonly known as ‘MagPads’) are used for securing objects to magnetic surfaces. The pad comes with an thread stud with locking nut which is ready to fix. They are the preferred choice for applications involving fixing roof signs to vehicles and signs to steel surfaces. These magnets are designed to give a extremely high resistance to shear forces, whilst also exerting high magnetic performance.

Rubber Coated Magnetic Pads with thread stud, Magnetised with a six-pole striped magnetic field on the magnetic pad
Form: Rubber covered magnets | zinc plated
Material: Ferrite magnets assembled on to a mild steel backing plate with a protective rubber coating over the magnets.
Ferrite Grade Y30BH / Y35 / Y33 …
Housing Galvanized steel
Rubber coated to increase friction and reduce corrosion
Suitable for use with Taxi Signs, Adverting Signs and Driving School signs
Magpads have been developed to provide a range of handy and powerful limpet magnets with a soft contact base to minimize the possibility of damage to paintwork, particularly when applying and removing the Magpad. All Magpads have a multipole magnet circuit to give the combination of good pull-off as well as sideways/shear resistance. The magnets are encapsulated in a polyurethane compound which provides a soft contact surface. The metal top of the Magpad is zinc plated for corrosion resistance. Magpads come in a variety of sizes with various stud and screw hole mounts as detailed.

A unique product, the ‘mag pad’ is ideal for fixing rooftop signs to vehicles or other signs to any steel surface. The rubber magnetic pad is designed to provide an extremely high resistance to shear forces as well as excellent pull strength. Objects can be fixed to the pad using the locking nut and bolt assembly provided and the six-pole striped magnetic field will then ensure that the sign or object is securely attached to a steel surface.

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Product Range


Part No.: MagPad-1
Length = 79 mm
Width = 53 mm
Thickness = 12 mm
Pull Force: 9 kg
Shear Force: 5 kg
Thread MxL: M6x16mm
Magnet material: Rubber covered ferrite magnets and Galvanized steel
Magnet coating: Nickel (ni-cu-ni) or Zinc (zn)
Max. work temperature: +120℃

Part No. Length mm Width mm Thickness mm Force kg Shear force kg Thread MxL
MagPad-1 79 53 12 9 5 M6x16mm
MagPad-2 80 55 15 9.5 5.5 M6x15mm
MagPad-3 127 102 12 25 22 M6x16mm
MagPad-4 104 53 8 8 7 M5/M6x32mm
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