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Magnetism Experiment Equipment Magnets Kit

/Magnetism Experiment Equipment Magnets Kit
  • Magnetism Experiment Equipment Magnets Kit

Magnetism Experiment Equipment Magnets Kit, Permanent magnet School laboratory equipment, Teaching experiment use magnets, U-shape / ring / block ferrite magnet, laboratory magnetic bar, Education Magnets

Magnetism Experiment Equipment Magnets Kit Part No. HSMEE-01
Main Business School laboratory equipment / hands-on production
Product Range Physics, Chemistry, Geography, Mathematics, Science, Small Production , etc.
Delivery Time 3-7 days as the quantity
Packing According customer requirements to ensure products arrive safely
MOQ One order

Ferrite Magnets Features

Since the ceramic refrigerator magnets are hard and brittle in nature therefore for their finishing they require diamond cutting or cutting wheel.
They can acquire only simple shapes.
These magnets have excellent intrinsic coercive force.
As compare to other rare earth and alnico magnets they are less expensive.
They are available in different grades like 1, 5, 8 of which grade 8 is the strongest.
Ceramic magnets have low service temperature as compared to rare earth magnets.

Ferrite Magnets Applications
Ceramic Refrigerator Magnets

DC permanent magnet motors
DC brushless motors
Speaker magnets
Magnetic resonance imaging
Separators that is it separates ferrous material from non-ferrous materials
In magnetic assemblies meant for lifting, holding, retrieving, and separating
Food processing industries

Ferrite Magnets Magnetizing

For magnetization of ceramic ferrite magnets, moderate magnetizing field is necessary. Normally it is desirable to magnetize the magnet with a mild steel element such as a motor housing or backing-plate. The anisotropic ceramic magnets results in a single direction of magnetization. Laboratory Magnets

Ferrite Magnets Machining

The ceramic ferrite magnets are brittle hence it is necessary that special care and attention must be taken while machining. Normally diamond tools and some abrasive are used for the fabrication of this magnet. Once the magnet is fabricated, it is magnetized.

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