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Magnetic Water Treatment Descaler Devices

/Magnetic Water Treatment Descaler Devices
  • Magnetic Water Treatment Descaler

Magnetic Water Treatment Descaler Devices, N45SH NdFeB Magnetic Water Descaling Equipment, Magnetic Water Softener Devices for Hotels / Restaurants, Powerful Permanent Magnet Water Conditioning Magnetic Devices, Magnetic Water Treatment for pools, pool magnets

N45SH NdFeB Magnetic Water Treatment Descaler Devices Feature:
Part No.: MWTC-18
Inlet and outlet: 450mm / 18″
Dimension(diameter*length): 630×1050 mm
Flow rate: 950 m3/h
Vertical center: 160 strong magnetism (mt)
Max Working temperature (℃): 90
weight: 260 kg
Material: Strong Neodymium Magnets and Housing SUS 304/316/316L
Connection Mode: Flange Or Thread
Magnetic Intensity: 10000-15000Gauss OR MORE

Magnetic Water Treatment Descaler Devices APPLICATION:

Plastics industry
The buildup of sludge can be prevented in the cooling circuits of the machines and the tools. Cooling and heating systems equipped with our technology are largely maintenance free, thus assuring the highest productivity and availability and leading to lower overall production costs as well.

Housing and real estate
Can be used to cut down heating, cooling and maintenance expenses significantly. By using our chemical-free technology, layers and deposits in all HVAC and plumbing systems can be minimised with a lasting effect. This helps to protect the whole installation against damages and failures as well as against the efficiency losses that are the most common causes for increased consumption of energy and water over the course of the system’s life cycle. In old buildings, the gradual cleaning of the heat exchangers, valves and radiators typically translates into substantial energy savings thanks to the recovery and restoration of the system efficiency.

Transport and traffic
In shipping our technology is used e.g. for fresh-water supply to counteract limescale in pipes and the high maintenance costs resulting from it. A Scandinavian ice-breaker fleet, among others, has been using our technology for a long time with great success.

Hotels and Restaurants
The whole piping system of the drinking water and/or hot-water in hotels and restaurants supply together with all of its components and critical appliances can be protected against limescale deposits and rust with the help of the chemical-free water magnetic treatment. Being completely maintenance-free after the initial installation, the Bauer pipe jet device ensures cost-optimised operation while providing thorough and continuous protection against corrosion and potentially costly leakages and water damages. With a suitable filter system, the technology can also be used to protect the HVAC systems such as cooling and heating circuits. Additionally, the Bauer pipejet device looks after the efficiency of the system by keeping the heat exchangers and transfer surfaces as well as the water itself in pristine condition.

Cooling Towers
Air conditioning systems in shopping malls and office buildings are a must nowadays.
With the help of an appropriate filtering system, maintains the water in the cooling circuits in crystal clear condition and the piping, heat exchangers and other equipment free of deposits and layers.
Thanks to the layer-free surfaces in the equipment, a better performance of the complete system can be achieved with reduced need for maintenance and lower water and energy consumption.

Agricultural irrigation
In controlled large-scale field experiment it was found that magnetic treatment affects the quality of irrigation water. Treated water contributes to an increase in crop yield, both in quality and quantity.
The level of return in individual farms depends on three key factors: the tyoe of equipment, the water quality, and the mode of operation of the apparatus.
Agricultural use is not limited to farming alone but also can be implemented for golf courses, greenhouse irrigation and many other horticultural venues.
Benefits: Increased root growth
soil hold moisture longer
water conservation equals less man hours
less energy required to pump and irrigate
increased fertilizer efficiency,less chemical cost
de-scaling of piping
unclogged water jets
bigger crop yield


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Product Range


Specifications: (The practical dimension could be customized )

Part No. Inlet and outlet Dimension(mm) Flow rate Vertical center Working medium weight
mm inch diameter*length m3/h strong magnetism (mt) temperature (℃) Kg
MWTC-1 25 1 108×330 4.9 160 0-90 10
MWTC-1.5 40 1.5 108×330 12 160 0-90 20
MWTC-2 50 2 159×450 19 160 0-90 30
MWTC-2.5 65 2.5 159×450 28 160 0-90 40
MWTC-3 80 3 159×450 50 160 0-90 45
MWTC-4 100 4 219×560 80 160 0-90 50
MWTC-5 125 5 219×600 125 160 0-90 60
MWTC-6 150 6 273×740 180 160 0-90 70
MWTC-8 200 8 325×790 320 160 0-90 90
MWTC-10 250 10 377×850 480 160 0-90 110
MWTC-12 300 12 426×800 600 160 0-90 130
MWTC-14 350 14 478×950 750 160 0-90 160
MWTC-16 400 16 530×1000 850 160 0-90 210
MWTC-18 450 18 630×1050 950 160 0-90 260
MWTC-20 500 20 720×1100 1100 160 0-90 330
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