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Magnetic Water Softening Device

/Magnetic Water Softening Device
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Magnetic Water Softening Device, Magnetic Water Softening And Scale Control, Water Conditioner Magnet, Magnetic Water Treater, Permanent Magnets Type Magnetic Water Treatment Device

Ultra Power Magnetic Water Softening Device Part No.: MWTS-04

Magnetic water and gas treatment are controversial topics. Some people and industries swear the effects are very noticable and immediate, while others claim they could not possibly work. Below our instructions for building your own cheap treatment unit, you’ll find links to all sorts of varied opinions on the topic, both positive and negative.

Magnetic treatment of water has been proven to reduce “hardness” caused primarily by calcium and magnesium. Water treatment can prevent deposits of these minerals on the inside of pipe walls, as well as descale the existing buildup of solids.

Typical applications of these magnets include ice machines, water coolers, instant water heaters, dishwashers, boats, air conditioners, restaurants, homes, solar panels, agricultural pipe, car wash facilities, spas, factories, hospitals, mines, boilers, steel fabricators, public pools, cooling towers, industrial drainage pipes, sewage treatment outlet pipes and many others!

The water treater is for all copper or plastic pipes up to 3/4″ in diameter. The south pole of the magnet is designated with an “S”. Waterflow direction should be from North magnetic pole to South magnetic pole. This illustration shows the proper application of this magnet to the pipe. Attachment can be made using wire, string, duct tape or hose clamp. The magnets should be installed on the pipe between the main valve and the water heater. A secondary unit may be installed on pipe that exits the water heater, if necessary.

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