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Magnetic Water Softener Devices

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Magnetic Water Softener Devices, Permanent Magnetic Water Treatment Device, Magnetic Water Descaling, Magnetic Water Softener Conditioner, Magnetic Water Softening And Scale Control

Permanent Magnetic Water Softener Devices Feature:
Part No.: MWTS-02
Size: 2″ x 1″ x 1″
Pull Force: over 300 LBS
Grade N42, high quality, ISO certified
Two strong 2″ x 1″ x 1″ ndfeb magnets per unit

Nickel+Copper+Nickel coating provides protection against moisture and oxygen but is prone to corrosion in salt and acidic conditions. Epoxy single layer coating does not protect magnets against moisture or oxygen but protect magnets from corrosion in salt and acidic conditions. The combination of Epoxy and Nickel+Copper+Nickel coating is the best solution against both corrosion in salt, acidic conditions and moisture, oxygen.

Magnets we use in our HSMAG magnetic water treatment devide:
There are two pieces of the strongest rare earth neodymium magnets for each water softener. The rare earth neodymium magnets we use are extremely powerful grade N42. They are a lot stronger than normal Neodymium magnets used in other water softeners on the market today. We guarantee that our magnets are the highest quality, excellent, stable and have long lasting performance.

Coating: Epoxy+Nickel+Copper+Nickel quadruple-layer coating, the most effective coating against corrosion. Nickel coating used by our competitors will corrode over time and cause loss of magnet force.
We are the only manufacturer that makes the magnetic water treatment system using quadruple-layer coated high energy Neodymium magnets

About Hard Water:
Basically, water moves through the earth dissolving minerals, holding them in solution as salts, consisting mainly of calcium and magnesium. Most of these salts eventually deposit themselves as scale in your pipes, water heaters and other appliances which use water. Scale build-up is the result of a natural crystallization process which is accelerated by heating. The energy loss of trying to heat water through scale is substantial. A one-half inch thick layer of scale in your water heater will retard heat transfer by up to 70%.

Why are  neodymium magnet water softener devices better than salt based water softeners?
* Super duty solid steel back driver quadruple the magnetic strength
* Requires No Salt and No Ongoing Expenses.
* Requires No Plumbing Modifications.
* Requires No Electricity.
* Maintenance Free.
* No Back Flushing & No Inconvenience.
* Completely Silent Operation.
* Requires No Water.
* Improves Water Flow and Pressure by Removing Scale Build-up From Inside Pipes and Appliances.
* Prevents and Removes Existing Lime and Scale Build-up.
* Does Not Corrode Water Heaters, Pipes, & Fixtures.
* Safe for Older Homes!
* Does Not Harm Our Environment or Our Fresh Water Supply.
* Feel Cleaner and Fresher After Bathing.
* Safe For Heart Patients and Those With Hypertension.
* Take Applied Magnets Water Softener Devices With You When You Move.
* Retains Healthful Minerals.

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