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Magnetic Water Filter Descaler Limescale Remover Softener

/Magnetic Water Filter Descaler Limescale Remover Softener
  • Magnetic Water Filter Descaler

Magnetic Water Filter Descaler Limescale Remover Softener, DIY Magnetic Water Conditioner Softener Filter Enhancer Limescale Remover, Power Magnetic Descaler Water Softener Conditioner Limescale Remover Healthy

Magnetic Water Filter Descaler HEALTHY HOME Magnetic Water Conditioner / Water SOFTENER Features:
Part No. : HSMF-UP-9
Size : 120 x 45 x 35mm
Simply installed around the outside of the piping.
No tools-no cutting of water lines required,install Magnetic by following instruction picture.Magnetic is held around the water pipe by supplied cable ties.
Magnetic contains a powerful permanent magnets, so it can be used permanently without an external power source.
Improves water quality without using chemicals, so there is no worry about secondarypollution.
Since it is installed outside the piping, it is maintenance free

As attached picture shown, while the water pass through our device, they will be softened and magnetized.About Hard Water: Basically, water moves through the earth dissolving minerals, holding them in solution as salts, consisting mainly of calcium and magnesium. Most of these salts eventually deposit themselves as scale in your pipes, water heaters and other appliances which use water. Scale build-up is the result of a natural crystallization process which is accelerated by heating. The energy loss of trying to heat water through scale is substantial. A one-half inch thick layer of scale in your water heater will retard heat transfer by up to 70%.The strong NdFeB magnet part Forces +/- hydronium temporarily into cathode to exchange water molecule and mineral hydronium,makes Ca2+/Mg2+to unite electron, and has no cation function temporarily.Hence, even heating, it doesn’t unite hydronium, The part makes water not to scale any more.Magnetic filter part makes water soft, and scale will be never produced in water pipe. Rare Earth Neodymium Oil Filter Magnets

How do the Magnetic Water Softener work?

Very simply to be installed around the water pipe. By passing the water through an ultra-powerful focused flux magnetic field, these minerals and other materials become suspended in the water – losing their ability to stick to things. This effect is so durable, it takes almost 2 full days before the elements in the water start to regain their bonding power.

In most homes, this is more than enough time for your water to travel from where it enters the home to when it goes down the drain and into the sewage system.

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Product Range

Home Use Magnetic Water Descaler Softener Remover

Home Use Magnetic Water Descaler Softener Remover



Specifications of magnetic water filter system:

Model Magnetic Strength Quantity per set Packing Net Weight
HSMF-Y4-M 12800gauss 1 pair Steel box 0.68kg
HSMF-Y3/4-M 19800gauss 1 pair Steel box 2.2kg
HSMF-Y2-M 12800gauss 1 pair Steel box 1.0kg
HSMF-XP-2 2000gauss 2 pairs Blister 0.09kg
HSMF-SP-2 5200gauss 2 pairs Blister 0.1kg
HSMF-SP-4 5200gauss 4 pairs Blister 0.2kg
HSMF-UP-2 6200gauss 2 pairs Blister 0.11kg
HSMF-UP-4 6200gauss 4 pairs Blister 0.22kg
HSMF-JP-1 2800gauss 1 pair White box 0.35kg
HSMF-LP-X 8000gauss 1 pair Colour box 0.15kg
HSMF-NP-1 6500gauss 1 pair Blister 0.35kg
HSMF-KP-1 10800gauss 1 pair Colour box 0.5kg
HSMF-FP-6 3500gauss 1 pc Blister 0.12kg
HSMF-FP-6S 5000gauss 1 pc Blister 0.25kg
HSMF-Apollo-M 7500gauss 1 pair Steel box 0.15kg
HSMF-UP-9 9200gauss 2 pairs Blister 0.22kg


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