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Magnetic Water Descaler Softener Devices

/Magnetic Water Descaler Softener Devices
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Magnetic Water Descaler Softener Devices, Corrosion Free Magnetic Water Treatment Devices, Hardness Removal Magnetic Water Softener, 10000 Gauss Magnetic Water Descaler Pipe Anti Scale With SS Housing

Magnetic Water Descaler Softener Devices Feature:

Part No.: MWTC-2
Inlet and outlet: 50mm / 2″
Dimension(diameter*length): 159×450 mm
Flow rate: 19 m3/h
Vertical center: 160 strong magnetism (mt)
Max Working temperature (℃): 90
weight: 30 kg
SUS 304 Housing

What is Hard Water?

Hard water has a high mineral content, usually consisting of mostly calcium and magnesium. In fact, the measure of water hardness is expressed in various units that express how much calcium carbonate is in a given volume of water. Units include ppm (parts per million), gpg (grains per gallon), or mg/L (milligrams per liter).
Hard water isn’t necessarily bad for you, but it can pose problems with the plumbing in your home. It can form hard deposits of calcium called scale, affecting faucets, shower-heads, dishwashers, and heating elements of water heaters. This can reduce water flow, heating efficiency, and leave spots on dishes. It can also require more soap to get good suds.

Strong neodymium magnets are often used in Magnetic Water Treatment to prevent or reduce scale formation with hard water.

Features and Benefits

· Control scale without chemicals or salt
· Convenient and simple installation
· Very effective at specified flow ranges
· Extends the life of fixtures, pipes, water heaters and appliances
· Decreases amount of detergents and soaps used
· Environmentally friendly and safe for plants and soil
· No moving parts or electricity
· Keep the benefits of natural calcium without negatives
· Made of high grade stainless steel
· Does not remove anything from or add anything to the water
· No wasted water or by-products

Operating Principle

Molecules (CaCo3, Potassium, Manganese, etc.) which are in natural suspension in water, tend to form macro molecules which, if nothing is done, continue to coagulate, causing scale to collect in the pipes with resultant reduction in flow and increased consumption of energy.

Technical Principles

Permanent magnets are installed along the entire length of the appliance, the lines of magnetic flux being captured by a mild iron cylinder (care being taken that the flow-rate is not affected.)

It Works By

It is based on a process which treats water without altering its mineral composition. Water flows through a magnetic coil from highly efficient permanent magnets. In this cell the water crosses a magnetic field perpendicular to the lines of induction. This contact polarizes the molecules contained in the water, thereby disrupting the normal crystallization process of mineral salts such as calcium and magnesium. Once these salts have been physically modified in this way, they lose their ability to attach themselves to the lining of pipes and tanks.


This includes limescale protection for commercial offices and the hotel sector, various benefits for swimming pools and the leisure industry, cooling towers of all sizes, food processing, agricultural and manufacturing industries. We also cover more specialized applications such as mining, water transport and power stations.
Hazardous sites Anti scale formation systems designed specifically for industry producing in hazardous environments
Agriculture protection systems for poultry, diary, irrigation, greenhouse, fish farms, ponds, fountains etc. maintains your irrigation & water systems by prevening blockages caused by scale build up


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Product Range


Specifications: (The practical dimension could be customized )

Part No. Inlet and outlet Dimension(mm) Flow rate Vertical center Working medium weight
mm inch diameter*length m3/h strong magnetism (mt) temperature (℃) Kg
MWTC-1 25 1 108×330 4.9 160 0-90 10
MWTC-1.5 40 1.5 108×330 12 160 0-90 20
MWTC-2 50 2 159×450 19 160 0-90 30
MWTC-2.5 65 2.5 159×450 28 160 0-90 40
MWTC-3 80 3 159×450 50 160 0-90 45
MWTC-4 100 4 219×560 80 160 0-90 50
MWTC-5 125 5 219×600 125 160 0-90 60
MWTC-6 150 6 273×740 180 160 0-90 70
MWTC-8 200 8 325×790 320 160 0-90 90
MWTC-10 250 10 377×850 480 160 0-90 110
MWTC-12 300 12 426×800 600 160 0-90 130
MWTC-14 350 14 478×950 750 160 0-90 160
MWTC-16 400 16 530×1000 850 160 0-90 210
MWTC-18 450 18 630×1050 950 160 0-90 260
MWTC-20 500 20 720×1100 1100 160 0-90 330
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