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Magnetic Wall Pins, wall mounted magnet pins with screw and rawlplug, wall hanging magnetic pins, plastic magnetic wall hook, NdFeB super strong wall pin magnets China supplier

Magnetic Wall Pins Feature:
Part No.: HS-MWP-01
Magnet Material: NdFeB
Strength: 2,36 kg
Length: 20 mm
Width: 7 mm
Wall distance: 8 mm
Quantity per set: 5 pieces
Material: Neodymium magnet & polyamide plastic rosette
Weight: 41 g/set

These versatile wall pins feature a strong holding power and are great for hanging up tools, metal signs, key chains or metal accessories.

Each set contains five magnet pins, whereby each pin consists of a magnet (10 x 5 mm), a plastic rosette, a rawlplug and a screw.

A set contains:
5 disc magnets (10 x 5 mm)
5 rawlplugs
5 plastic rosettes
5 screws

Neodymium magnets are great by themselves but this causes some problems, they are not easy to handle, they can break when they snap together and lastly they can’t be mounted as easily. So thats what Kubonets are for: Super strong, very functional, easy to handle magnets. Not to mention that they are unique.
Take some weight off your ribs… the ribs you’re going to enjoy. Magnets stick to many metals so as for the man of the house, Kubonets will be a great gift. Hang anything from barbecue utensils to tools like hammers and screwdrivers and get some of the mess off the table.

Is the bottom of the cup that you keep your toothbrushes in filled with water? ugh, thats definitely something nobody wants. Get magnetic wall pins and you will be able to keep your bathroom clean and clutter free since it can hold on to many things like toothbrushes, razors, shaving cream and bobby pins.

“Every day I find new things to do with it, i’m truly excited to see what you come up with” you will instantly realize how much it can be done with  stainless steel magnetic key rack.
Anything with a battery (Remote controllers, toothbrush)
Many things with metals (tools, kitchen utensils)
Anything that can be placed in between kubonets (mail, magazines)

Risks and challenges
The manufacturers are already set up, I have confidence in them since they provided me with the material to make the prototypes. A product like this doesn’t have much challenges to face. The final product is ready to be made and delivered to your hands.

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  • Quality guaranteed
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