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Magnetic Triangular Magnet Steel Chamfers

/Magnetic Triangular Magnet Steel Chamfers
  • Magnetic Triangular Magnet Steel Chamfers

Magnetic Triangular Magnet Steel Chamfers, Trapezoid Magnetic Strip Chamfer, 1 side and 2 sides Magnetic Steel chamfer, trapezoidal Magnetic strips Steel Chamfer reveals in precast concrete formwork, Steel Trapezoid Magnetic Chamfer/Reveal in formwork SYSTEM SUPPLIER

Magnetic Triangular Magnet Steel Chamfers triangular chamfers for accurate bevelled triangle formation in precast concrete elements.
Magnetic triangular chamfers allow for the quick and accurate development of exact beveled chamfers within the formwork construction with steel fromwork. By positioning the magnetic chamfers on the shuttering pallet, the integrated magnets will securely hold the chamfers in position, no screws, bolts or welding are necessary.
The magnetic mouldings allow the fast and accurate formation of exactly shuttered triangular chamfers, drip grooves or dummy joints in shuttering construction with steel shuttering.
The built-in magnets hold the mouldings securely in position, no screwing, welding or gluing is required.

What is Magnetic Chamfer?
The magnetic chamfer is one of the most useful and frequent accessories in the Precast Concrete industry.
Magnetic Chamfer is widely used to the attachment to steel shuttering surface and steel tables, for the purpose of:
·Quick and clean formation of chamfers, beveled edges, drip molds, dummy joints, notches and reveal on the corners and faces of concrete wall panels and some formwork’s corner.
·Prevent the concrete overflow from the gap between the precast concrete casting table and side-formwork.
·And avoid the screwing or welding on the table or on the formwork. And it finally improves the precast concrete elements production times and labor costs.

Magnetic Chamfer Features:
1.High Quality, Reusable, durable for more than 3 years at least service life, ensure a nice payback on the original investment. Save money.
2.Powerful magnets are embedded at the surface of the chamfer to provide maximum adhesion to any steel surface. For example, single side magnetic steel chamfer offers more than 100KG per meter strength. It won’t be pulled out under normal use.
3.Rubber magnetic chamfer, both sides magnetized and Steel Magnetic chamfer available in single-side magnetized (50% magnet) or both-side magnetized (100% magnet).  Steel Fromwork Trapezoidal Magnetic Strips
4.Easy to operate, quick to position, remove and clean, quick, and accurate positioning exact beveled chamfers on the construction steel formwork table, and shorten the production timeline.
5.No open grooves to fill with the concrete. Securely, no screws, bolts, or welding are necessary, therefore preserving surface finish to increase the lifetime
6.Both magnetic trapezoidal and triangular chamfer strips available for clean chamfers and joints

We will custom fabricate trapezoidal reveal to customer detail. we can supply with magnetized and without, different size and length is available to customer order.

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