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Magnetic Triangle Steel Chamfers

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  • Magnetic Triangle Steel Chamfers

Magnetic Triangle Steel Chamfers, Triangle Steel Magnetic Chamfer, Triangle Bright Bars/Wires, Custom Trapezoid Void Forming Magnets, Trapezoidal Magnetic Steel Chamfer Trapezoid Void Forming Magnets China Supplier

This Magnetic Triangle Steel Chamfers provide fast and accurate placement of exactly fitting chamfers in Steel formwork construction.
The steel chamfers can easily use them to form chamfer if the steel formwork has no chamfer designed.
because this steel chamfer don’t have magnet,so the price is cheaper than the magnetic chamfer, but the effect is the same with the magnetic many pc factory choose this steel chamfer.
Steel Chamfer
Trapezoidal chamfer, Trapezoidal steel chamfer in formwork
Triangle chamfer, Triangle steel chamfer in formwork
there have many kinds of spec,we can special custom made for your request.

Magnetic chamfer triangular provide fast and accurate placement of exactly fitting chamfers in Steel formwork construction. Simply position the magnetic strip on the formwork table, the built in magnets securely hold it in position, no screws, no bolts or welding are necessary.

This chamfer series is designed to be fixed onto formworks by means of welding or riveting. It is manufactured with flat or chamfered profile (45°) in segments of max. 100 cm. length. It is resistant to chemicals as demoulding agents and to high temperatures. It is guaranteed for lasting. On specific customer’s request, it is possible to manufacture special profiles as well.

Formwork Reveal Chamfer are designed with high power  magnets embeded in with a steel. The magnets are placed firmly by epoxy which makes it  not  possible to pourng the magnets out during normal use. Variatey specification of  Form work steel chamfer is available.  Reveals can be made to fit the most requirements. Difference length is also available  until 3-meters or even longer as requirements.

Magnetic chamfer Features:  
Magnetic encased in steel with high adhesive power.
Won’t pull out under normal use
No open grooves to fill with the concrete.
Custom Specification is welcomed
1 side and 2 sides Magnetic Steel chamfer is available.

Material: Iron
30X30mmX42mm  available.
50% magnetic, 100% magnetic,
1 side magnetic / 2 side magnetic
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