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Magnetic Traps Separator for Liquid

/Magnetic Traps Separator for Liquid
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Magnetic Traps Separator are designed to extract the ferrous materials from the slurry or liquid raw materials in order to purify the material in the production process. Strong magnetic tubes filter the flow and extract the unwanted ferrous metal. The unit is simply connected to the existing pipeline via flanged or threaded ends. Simple and easy access is possible using the quick release lid. Cleaning of the magnets is easily accomplished by removing the cover plate of the housing and sliding out each magnet assembly.

1, Magnetic separator for liquid are magnetic separator for liquid, which bars containing high intensity rare earth neodymium iron boron magnets are housed within a 304 or 316 stainless steel vessel.
2, The magnetic bar field of magnetic separators for liquid has high performance of up to 12000 gauss;
3,  NdFeB magnet bar using life is confirmed to permanent, and the service years of magnetic separators for liquid long to 3 years;
4, The size of inlet and outlet can customized according to customer furnished equipment, magnetic bar number can be ordered by requirement of removing iron;
5, The special water valve of magnetic separators for liquid can control the flow rate of liquid, promoting the quality of removing iron.

1, Simple structure, free pollution , strong power and no energy consumption;
2, The magnetic separators for liquid can work in up to 10 atmospheric pressure field;
3, More easy be Installed and high quality for scrap handling after removing iron;
4, Magnetic separators for liquid in Force can work in temperature field of 80-120 degree centigrade;
5, Service life: 3 years.

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Product Range



Part No. Material A(mm) B C Diameter / D(mm) E(mm) No. of Magnetic Bars Performance
LFTM-GD159 201# / 304# 200 DN65 DN65 159 25*190 8 10000GS
LFTM-GD219 201# / 304# 200 DN80 DN80 219 32*190 5 12000GS
LFTM-GD250 201# / 304# 200 DN159 DN159 250 25*190 10 10000GS
LFTM-GD300 201# / 304# 350 DN100 DN100 300 25*340 13  10000GS

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