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Magnetic Tig Gun Holder with Magnetic Base

/Magnetic Tig Gun Holder with Magnetic Base
  • Magnetic Tig Gun Holder with Magnetic Base

Magnetic Tig Gun Holder with Magnetic Base, Tig/Mig Magnetic Torch Stand Holder with Magnetic Round Base, Welding Torch Holder Support, Magnetic Mounting Brackets Holders with Strong Round Base Ferrie / Neodymium Pot Magnet, Magnetic TIG / MIG Torch Stand Holder, Magnetic Mount Hook Round Base Magnet Fastener, Magnetic Tool Accessories China Supplier Factory

Magnetic Tig Gun Holder with Magnetic Base, Magnet Tools & Assemblies Specifications:

Model #: HS-MTCH-01
Weight: 1.8 lbs (0.8kg)
Color: Bright safety yellow / blue
Powerful Magnetic Base
Rare Earth Metal Magnet
Holds all styles and sizes of TIG Torches
Comfortably holds up to 12kg of downward force
Durable enamel finish with zinc-coated base
Tig torch not included

This tig gun holder will hold your gun off the workbench and also stop you putting it down onto the rest of your cable assembly causing you to have to get a new torch. With its strong magnetic stand you can put anywhere on your tig and know it will not be knocked over easily. It has a bolt which could be used to bolt it onto your workbench. A must for any welder. You could even attach your earth cable to it and use it instead of an earth clamp.

What is Magnetic Welding Torch Stand Holder?
The Magnetic Welding Torch Stand Holder is a magnetic tool holder that special designed for holding welding torches, 2 models available for TIG and MIG welding torch. The traditional method of fixing the Welding Torch is inconvenient and unreliable. It is usually hooked with a rope or a metal hook, but the other end of the rope and hook should also be fixed on a workbench or other support. Frequent use and placement of Welding Torch during welding work, it does bring inconvenience to work. Magnetic Welding Torch Stand Holder is tailor-made for Welding Torch holding. Welding Torch can be easily clamped and taken out. The powerful magnetic base can be firmly fixed on the welding work surface. It can be placed at any time and can be easily removed after work.

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A: 100% self-inspecion before packing.    Large Magnetic Car Safe Stash Box
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A: yes.

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