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Magnetic T-Wrench Holder

/Magnetic T-Wrench Holder
  • Magnetic T-Wrench Holder

Magnetic T-Wrench Holder, magnetic T-bars Pry Bar holder stand, Magnetic T-Wrench Or Pry Bar Holder, Magnetic T-Wrench Tool Tray Holder, magnetic long screwdrivers holder China supplier

Magnetic T-Wrench Holder Feature:
Part No:HSMTT-3070
Handy device for Keeping tools in one place for easy access.
Conveniently attaches to a toolbox ,or other metal surface
Large enough to hold more than 5 spanners.
It holds up to 12 Lbs
The material is ABS

Condition: New
Holds up to 5Pcs T-wrench / Pry Bar
Magnets are rubber-coated to prevent surface scratching.
Space-saving holder takes up
Conveniently attaches to a table, toolbox, or other metal surface
Size: 139x89x23x139mm
Please Note: Tools Not Included

Magnetic Tool HOlder Feature:
Part No:HSMTT-3071
Handy device for keeping tools in one place for easy access.
Foldable design will work with even long tools that won’ t
fit into a regular toolbox.Conveniently attach to table,toolbox or other metal surface.
Large enough to hold more than 5 pry bars
Use for T-bars.long screwdrivers.pry bars,and other long tools
Size: 139x89x23x139mm
Material:0.9mm(T)Steel,Powder Coated
It holds up to 8Lbs

Magnetically mounted toolbox trays store frequently needed items within reach.
Extra strong rubber coated magnets
Keep needed items within easy reach
6in wide tray Magnetic Pry Bar Holder
12in wide tray
3 spray can tray with screwdriver holes
Paper towel roll holder
Mount these metal trays to the side of your metal tool box to store the things you use all the time. This set comes complete with a 6 inch wide tray, a 12 inch wide tray, a spray can tray and a paper towel holder. The rubber covered, extra strong magnets protect against paint damage. The spray can tray holds 3 common aerosol cans, plus has holes to store screwdrivers. The magnets are so strong the paper towel holder will stay put, even while you tear sheets off.

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