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Magnetic Spacers for Humbucker Pickup Makers

/Magnetic Spacers for Humbucker Pickup Makers
  • Magnetic Spacers for Humbucker Pickup Makers
  • Narrow Polished Alnico Bar Magnetic Spacer
  • Narrow Alnico Bar Magnet Spacer
  • Alnico Bar Magnet Spacers for Humbucker or P90 Pickup
  • Ceramic C8 Bar Magnet Spacer
  • Magnetic Spacers

Magnetic Spacers for Humbucker Pickup Makers, Replacement Alnico Magnet Spacers for Humbucker or P90 Pickup, Narrow Alnico Bar Magnet Spacer, Ceramic C8 Bar Magnet Spacer, rough cast, sand cast guitar humbucker block magnets China supplier

Magnetic Spacers for Humbucker Pickup Makers Parameter

* Permanent Magnet Merial:AlNiCo 2/ Alnico 3/ Alnico 4 / Alnico 5 /Alnico 8 / Ceramic C8
* Size: 60mm x 3.2 mm x 5mm (approx)
* Polished:  Polished or Unpolished
* For humbucker and P90 pickups
* A2/A3/A4/A5/A8 – one end painted colour (customer choose blue/red/green/black ….) for easy identification
* Magnetizing Options:Not Magnetized or Magnetized

Magnetic spacers are a novel little idea, and turn up sporadically on production pickups every so often. Essentially, they replace the inert maple or plastic spacers either side of a Humbuckers poles to alter the tone, usually by making a pickup more aggressive.

So what can you expect from these magnets?
Alnico II is a lower output magnet that is smooth and usually has just a bit of warmth.
Alnico V has more scooped mids and tighter in the low end. Provides some bite and sparkle.
Alnico VIII is generally between Ceramic and Alnico V, with quite a bit of magnetic pull, punchy with upper mids but a little more warmth than ceramic.
Ceramic is quite strong and gives a very bright tone. It retains articulation and clarity even with heavy distortion which makes it suited for heavy distorted styles. Permanent Bar Magnet AlNiCo for Firebird Mini Humbucker

All alnico magnets can possess their maximum strength. These same magnets can too be degaussed, giving you a lower Gauss rating and in effect, having a smaller magnetic field and sounding not too much different. Degaussing a pickup is a technique used to balance the pickup. This could be done to, mellow out a pickup or super charge the magnetic field in an attempt to add that extra presence and focus. Tighten up lows, focus highs and add mids. The magnets grade will have a large effect on how the overall sound can be sculpted by way of degaussing.

All Gauss measurements will be listed in (mT). Measurements are taken with the wand touching the center most area of magnet being measured. Converting millitesla to gauss is very simple; move the decimal point to the right one place: E.G. (150.50 mT = 1505.00 G)

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Replacement Alnico Magnet Spacers for Humbucker or P90 Pickup

Replacement Alnico Magnet Spacers for Humbucker or P90 Pickup

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