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Magnetic Shuttering Framework System for Prestressed

/Magnetic Shuttering Framework System for Prestressed
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Shuttering Framework System Feature:

Material: Steel Bar , Strong Neodymium Magnets
Surface Treatment: Galvanized, Nature or Black Oxidation Treatment
Max Working Temperature: 80℃ or as per needs

HSSM-IM1 –  HSSM-IM3 for over 450KGS, 900kgs, 2100KGS adhesive force in the vertical direction. Thses kind of special magnetic assembly designed to be cased into steel box for holding and fixing shuttering system in prefabricated concrete industry.  The precise tolerence (+0/-0.2mm) can make the whole set fit into your model or steel house perfectly. Due to high precision machining on flat surface, it’s maximized up to 2100kgs pulling force. Normally we used to make black E-poxy material or stainless steel framework for protecting the inside NdFeB magnets.

Notes: Other special shuttering magnets can be customized according to your requirements.

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What are the advantages of using precast concrete magnet in modern architecture construction? By using the concrete magnet, the concrete could form very trimly of sizes for building constructions. By using the concrete magnet, the construction process could be much quicker as workers could stock concrete walls and use these concrete walls to build architecture. The repute of the construction company will be much better and customer will happy to pay the money for the timely construction works. By using the magnet for precast concrete, there will be less concrete works in dangerous high situations, worker could finish their work more safely and construction could save more insurance cost and give higher salary to the workers.
By using concrete formwork magnet,the workers could save more time while build constructions, after using concrete formwork magnet, there will be less risk or danger during the constructing process. In a word, the concrete formwork magnet could enhance the speed of build while inform more security,the workers could make more money from the construction and businessman could earn more money from their business.
The concrete formwork magnet is strong magnetism,please keep the electrical product and card away from it,also, while using the concrete formwork magnet do not put your hand or feet or any part of body under the magnet,it will cause injure. Shuttering Magnets with Adapters / Adaptors


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