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Introduction and function of Magnetic Separator Machinery
Part No. HSCTB series

I. Application field of Magnetic Separator Machinery
The wet drum magnetic separator is ideally used to separate ferrous particles from non ferrous particles. Magnetic Separator is designated for wet magnetic separating of material with granularity below 3mm, such as magnetite, pyrrhotine, roasted ore and washingtonite. It can also be used for deironing of coal, nonmetal materials, building materials, etc.

II. Specification of Magnetic Separator Machinery
1. Structure: Permanent magnetic separator mainly consists of such four parts as cylinder, magnetic system, cell and transmission parts. Cylinder is made of 2-3mm welded and bent stainless steel and the terminal cover is forged aluminum plate which is connected with stainless bolts.
2. Material of magnetic separator is made of compound materials composed of high grade ferrite materials and rare earth alnico.
3. It is so made that one side is magnetized and the other side is not.
4. The average magnetic induction of the drum surface is 100-600mt.
5. Types: Different type of magnetic separation as forward flow, semi-counter flow and counter flow can be provided according to customers demands.

Magnetic separation method is based on the difference of mineral magnetic, bearing different forces in the magnetic field of magnetic separator, resulting in material separation. It is mainly used for sorting ferrous metal ores (iron, manganese, chromium); as well as non-ferrous and rare metals. With good separation efficiency, high processing capacity, and high recovery rate, the application of magnetic separation method in the new iron ore dressing plant is very common. Magnetic concentration, as one kind of ore concentration methods, play an important part in varies kinds of mining separation plants.

M After the primary crushing, grinding and separating processing, The mining powder mixture are fed to the ore magnetic separators. The magnetite particles overcame all mechanical force (such as the gravity, centrifugalforce, friction force, etc) and adhere to the magnetic separator roller because of the magnetic force. Then the magnetite particles will be transported to the discharge opening and separated as the magnetic products. The non-magnetic substance will be discharged from the frame bottom by the mechanical force. To upgrade the final products quality and make full use of the mining ore, the separated particles will be separated by other magnetic separator again for twice or three times.Finally the purified particles will conveyed to the thickener and the dryer for thickening and drying processing.

Working principle and Application field of Magnetic Separator Machinery
Ore magnetic separation is that materials which is going to be elected bearing the force of magnetic and other mechanical (such as gravity, centrifugal force, friction, medium resistance, etc.) together, in the sorting space of the magnetic separator. The magnetic suffered by mineral grains is related with the size and magnetic of the mineral; non-magnetic mineral particles mainly by mechanical force. Consequently, magnetic mineral particles and non-magnetic mineral particles move along different paths to get separation. In general the magnetic force bore by magnetic particles is proportional to the strength and gradient of the magnetic field.

There is a magnetic field around the magnetic materials. Magnetic field can be divided into uniform magnetic field and non-uniform magnetic field. The strength and direction of various points in uniform magnetic field are in the same size; and the strength and direction in non-uniform magnetic field are always changing. Mineral particles in a uniform magnetic field only by the role of the torque, its long axis parallel to the direction of magnetic field; in the non-uniform magnetic field, the mineral particles not only by the role of the torque, but also by the magnetic force, resulting in mineral particles both rotation and moving to the direction of magnetic field gradient increasing, and being sucked in the magnet surface in the last. Such mineral particles with different magnetic can be separation. Therefore, the magnetic selection is a method based on the differences of permeability between minerals to achieve separation in the non-uniform magnetic field. smoke alarm mounting magnet pad

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Product Range


Technical Parameter of Magnetic separator 

Model Shell Diameter(mm) Shell length(mm) Feed size
Capacity (t/h) Power(kw) Weigh(t)
HSCTB612 Φ600 1200 0-2 10-20 1.1 1.5
HSCTB618 Φ600 1800 0-2 15-30 2.2 1.8
HSCTB718 Φ750 1800 0-2 25-45 3.0 2.2
HSCTB918 Φ900 1800 0-3 35-70 4.0 2.8
HSCTB1018 Φ1050 1800 0-3 40-75 5.5 4.3
HSCTB1024 Φ1050 2400 0-3 52-100 5.5 5.2
HSCTB1218 Φ1200 1800 0-3 47-90 5.5 5.0
HSCTB1224 Φ1200 2400 0-3 80-120 7.5 6.4
Working principle of Magnetic Separator Machinery

Working principle of Magnetic Separator Machinery