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Magnetic Roller Pulley

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Introduction and Application of Magnetic roller/pulley
PERMANENT MAGNETIC Pulleys are ideally used as head pulleys in belt conveyor systems to improve the purity of product and to protect the process equipment from tramp metal damage. The pulley provides continuous, effective to removal of ferrous metal from the product flow.
This method of PERMANENT MAGNETIC ferrous metal separation requires that the magnetic pulley be installed at the discharge end of the conveyor replacing the existing pulley. As the mixture of product and ferrous metal travels over the magnetic head pulley and reaches the drop-off point, A divider plate can be installed to ensure that no remixing occurs when product falls freely from the end of the line into storage bins or processing chutes. Any ferrous metal that is mixed in with the product is attracted and held to the face of the belt and carried to the underside of the pulley
This type of separation acts as secondary protection for deeply embedded metal in the product, which may have not been initially extracted by other process of an overhead suspension magnet

Magnetic Head Pulley,Magnetic Rollers,Magnetic Separation Pulley,Conveyor Head Roller
Wood & Plastic Recycling
Crushed or Broken Stone
Processing at MRF’s
Pallet Recycling
Shredded Tire Processing
Glass Recycling industries
Characteristic af Magnetic roller/pulley

Flat or Crowned Pulley Face
Four Available Hub Styles: Recessed Hubs, Flush Hubs, Extended Hubs, or No Hubs
Smooth or Lagged Surface
Fixed Shaft or No Shaft
Precision Machined Keyways
Taper Locks and Set Screws
Offered in Rare Earth Neodymium or Standard Ceramic
We offer a full range of magnetic pulleys for compatibility with conveyor systems used in today’s applications. Pulleys are sized based on application evaluation. (i.e. belt width, belt speed, burden depth, size of recoverable ferrous. .) double drum magnetic separator

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Product Range



Technical Parameter of Magnetic roller/pulley

single roller

Size (mm) (Inches) Production Capacity. Power Requirement (K.W / H.P)
425 x1200 17×48 2.00 T.P.H. 1.5/2
600×1500 24×60 5.00 T.P.H. 2.2/3
750×1800 30×72 10.00 T.P.H. 3.7/5
1200×1800 48×72 30.00 T.P.H. 5.5/7.5

double rollers

Type  Size Of The Drum
Dia  mm     Length mm
Capacity Ton /hour
KI – 767 300              500 1 Ton
KI – 768 400              550 1.5 Ton
KI – 769 400              600 2 Ton

triple rollers

Type  Size Of The Drum
Dia  mm     Length mm
Capacity Ton /hour
KI – 770 300              500 1 Ton
KI – 771 400              550 1.5 Ton
KI – 772 400              600 2 Ton
Magnetic Roller Pulley

Magnetic Roller Pulley

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