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Magnetic Rods Feature:

1. Rare Earth Neodymium Magnetic Rods / Bars / Tubes
2.Condition: Well polished.
3.For round magnetic bar, the following diameters can be choiced by you: D15,D16,D17.2,D19,
D20,D22,D23.5,D25,D30,D32,D38,D40,D45,D50,D63MM ect.The length range from 3” to 60”.
Square magnetic bar can be provided as per the customer’s requirements.
4.The out tube is made by SS304 or SS316. The inside magnet is Ceramic or Rare Earth Magnet as
per the customer’s requirements on the magnetic force. The customers can build or modify their
own magnetic separation equipment with individual magnetic bar.
5.Magnetic strength from 3000 to 12500 gauss. For normal magnetic bar equipped with Ceramic
magnets which could give typical peak value of more than 3000 gauss on the surfaces, and the
maximum working temperature can reach 150°C.

Magnetic rods are commonly used in slow, free flowing materials such as grain, food, spices, plastic and chemical fertilizer. The rods can be installed individually in one row or multiple rows. Standard spacing between the rods are 2-inch horizontally and vertically center-to-center. When multiple rows are needed for better separation, the rods should be staggered. Other center-to-center arrangements can be accomplished depending on product flow characteristics and flow rates. The rule of thumb for determining the center-to-center distance is that installations must not cause product bridging and must allow easy access for cleaning.

These magnets are provided in different strengths and lengths. Multi rows of magnetic rods with Ceramic 5 magnetic load (2,500 Surface Gauss) are suited to capture large ferrous metals (i.e. nuts, bolts, washers, nails, etc.).

Magnetic rods with Neodymium magnetic load are recommended for applications where ferrous metal contaminants are much smaller (i.e. metal chips, stables, metal shavings, etc.). Magnetic Hold offers several magnetic rods with neodymium load for your application. They are listed in table below. The stronger magnetic rods are highly recommended for food and pharmaceutical products.

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Product Range





Standard permanent agnetic filter bars, rods, tubes list:
Dimension     Magnetic Force (Gs)
MM 2500 5000 7000 9000 10000 11000 12000
Ø10 √EH √EH
Ø16 √EH √EH √EH √H √H
Ø19 √EH √EH √EH √H √H
Ø20 √EH √EH √EH SH √H √H
Ø22 √EH √EH √EH √EH √EH √H
Ø23 √EH √EH √EH √EH √EH √H
Ø25 √EH √EH √EH √EH √EH √EH √H
Ø28 √EH √EH √EH √EH √EH √EH √H
Ø32 √EH √EH √EH √EH √EH √EH √H
Ø38 √EH √EH √EH √EH UH √H √H
Ø50 √EH √EH √EH UH √H √H √H
Ø76 √EH √EH √H √H √H √H √H
Ø100 √EH √EH √H √H √H √H √H
(1).”√”means it can be manufactured on the condition of the diameters listed in the table.”- “means can not be manufactured.
(2). The related Max working temperature from different series.
H series: <=120
SH series: <=150
UH series: <=180
EH series: <=350
2.Round and square are both available
3. 304 and 316L stainless steel  type are available
4. Magnetic bar length can be custom made .Max length of   is 2500mm when diamteter is 25mm.
5. Various end design are available ,such as Nail head ,thread hole ,double screw bolt ,etc .
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