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Magnetic Pot Holding System With Female Thread

/Magnetic Pot Holding System With Female Thread
  • Magnetic Pot Holding System With Female Thread

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TMagnetic Pot Holding System With Female Thread – he pot holding systems that have a female thread are ideal for a range of different holding applications. The structure consists of a magnet encased in a steel cup with an internally threaded stud. This design makes them robust, versatile and also ensures an additional magnetic hold compared with the magnet being used independently. Ferrite shallow pot – threaded hole
These pots use a Sintered Ferrite magnet and are rated to a maximum working temperature of +120ᵒC.
Plated hooks are available for M4 threaded sizes.

Ferrite Pot with Female Thread (Max Temp +120ᵒC)
Dimensions (mm)
Part Number ØD H L G Ød Holding Force (kg)
HS-SFSP 00180 10 4.5 11.5 M3 6 0.4
HS-SFSP 00181 13 4.5 11.5 M3 6 0.9
HS-SFSP 00113 16 4.5 11.5 M3 6 1.8
HS-SFSP 00182 20 6 13 M3 6 2.8
HS-SFSP 01874 25 7 15 M4 8 3.0
HS-SFSP 00114 25 7 15 M4 8 4.0
HS-SFSP 00183 32 7 15 M4 8 8.0
HS-SFSP 00184 36 8 15 M4 8 10.0
HS-SFSP 00185 40 8 18 M5 10 13.0
HS-SFSP 00186 47 9 19 M6 12 16.0
HS-SFSP 00115 50 10 22 M6 12 24.0
HS-SFSP 00187 57 11 21 M6 12 28.0
HS-SFSP 00188 63 14 30 M8 15 32.0
HS-SFSP 00189 80 18 34 M10 16 60.0

Please note:
Holding Forces are based upon direct contact with a thick, clean mild steel surface. Holding Forces will be reduced with heavily painted or corroded surfaces.
Before selecting a choice of holding system please consider the working environment of your application. SmCo Bi-pole Deep Pot Magnet

Internal Threaded Stud Pot Magnet / Female Threaded Stud Pot Magnet
The internal threaded stud pot magnet is also known as a female threaded stud pot magnet. They consist of a ferromagnetic mild steel cup containing a magnet (usually a disc magnet) with a ferromagnetic mild steel stud / boss / bush mounting at the back of the pot magnet into which a threaded hole has been made.
These pot magnets are known as female threaded stud pot magnets because the internal threaded hole could take pot magnets with threaded bar at the back (external threaded stud pot magnets /male threaded stud pot magnets) as well as bolts.
Because the mild steel is stud / boss is threaded there is sufficient thread length allowing reasonably high torque to be applied to securely hold each pot magnet in place.
The Ferrite version of the internal threaded stud pot magnet can be used at temperatures up to +120 degrees C and is suitable for almost any application.

Ceramic Cup Magnets Round Bases – Steel design with ceramic magnets for positioning or holding signs, fixtures and decorations. Chrome plated. Round Bases can be also painted in three different colours: black lacquer, yellow & white – special order only. If you need assistance with your requirements, please contact us.

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