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Magnetic Pistol & Gun Mount

/Magnetic Pistol & Gun Mount
  • Magnetic Pistol & Gun Mount

Magnetic Pistol & Gun Mount, Custom Gun Magnet Moutnt Holder for Handguns, Rifles, Shotguns, Pistols, Revolvers, Concealment Gun Storage Magnet, Magnetic Pistol Magnet Mount Holster, Rubber Coated Magnetic Gun Tool Holder Rack, Concealed Gun Handgun Piostol Mounting Magnet, Custom Gun Magnets China Supper Factory

Magnetic Pistol & Gun Mount Characteristic:
Part No.: HSMGM-07
Name:Gun Magnet
Material:Magnet, Rubber or EVA
Color:Black, wooden, camouflage or custom
Packing:white box
Magnetism direction:Multi-poles
Tolerance:0.05mm ~ 0.1mm
Weather Proof and Shock Proof
Multiple Neodymium Magnets for Superior Contact
100% LIFETIME Gurantee
Mount under desk, bed side, car, office, inside safe or by entry way

Gun Magnet Mount, Magnetic Gun Holster Concealed Gun Holder
55 lbs Gun Magnet Mount Pistol Rifle Magnetic Holder Car Holster Home Under Desk
Product Description:
55lb Gun Magnetic Mount Holder Holster Concealed Pistol For Car Bed Desk
Powerful 55 Lbs rated thick soft rubber coated magnets are built for strength and durability. It firmly holds your firearms from any scratching, falling, moving or spinning.
The mount can be easily installed in your car, truck, wall, vault, bedside, doorway, under desk, table, dresser, safe, bedroom, office, garage and more.
Compact design for easy hiding and discreet placement.

Package Includes:
2 X Soft Rubber Coated Gun Magnet Mounts
2 X 8 Black Self-tapping Screws
2 X 4Plastic Screw Holder
2X 3M Adhesive Tapes
1 X Box

Mounted to any number of surfaces, this leather-bound, ultra-strong magnet securely holds your firearm for easy access or concealment — without scratching its finish. Gun Magnetic Mount Holder for Car Vehicle Wall Desk

Staying safe means you need quick access to your gun. With superior gun magnet, you can mount your gun vertically, horizontally or upside down for lowprofile storage. Under desks, inside cars, behind beds, anywhere you want to discretely mount your gun, you can rely on magnet for hidden storage and quick access. This lockdown gun concealment magnet works on most semi-automatic handguns and revolvers. Use two magnets for shotguns and rifles.

This is a heavy-duty magnet that can hold up to 55 pounds. This is at least 30% stronger than other gun magnets on the market. Your gun will remain mounted and secure until you need it. Mounted to any number of surfaces, this leather-bound, ultra-strong magnet securely holds your firearm, but will not scratch the surface, as the magnet itself will not come into contact with your weapon. Other gun mounting magnets that are rubber coated can damage the finish of your gun, but the soft, leather cover of we will protect your firearm. No nicks, scratches, or scrapes.

The Gun Magnet is easy to mount and comes with instructions. If you or anyone you know is an avid gun lover and needs a safe, convenient, and protective mounting system, look no further. You won’t find a higher quality product. You also will not find a more attractive, eye-pleasing mount that reads, “American Patriot” and has a symbolic eagle which represents the place it was made, America, Home of the Free.

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Product Range


QuickDraw Magnets. Quickdraw magnets provide a slight channel into which the pistol is set, which allows for a directional release. You’ll often see these mounted under the dashboards or ignition buttons on trucks and other vehicles because the channel provides horizontal support — helping keep pistols upright even when traversing bumps and rough terrain. These are slightly more expensive than flat magnets but have specific use cases which warrant the additional cost.

Flat Magnets. Flat magnets often look like pancakes or metal brackets, with no standard feature other than their flat design. They are the most versatile magnets and can be mounted anywhere you can gain purchase with a couple of screws. Also popular in vehicles and under cabinetry or shelving, flat gun magnets are also the least expensive option.

Pistol + Magazine Magnets. If you want to mount your pistol and magazine with a single magnet, a pistol + magazine magnet provides a single location for both. These often have channels for both handguns and magazines, helping keep both in proper alignment. They’re a little larger than QuickDraw magnets and may require more mounting space as the magazines add width and length to the unit.

Trigger Guard Magnets. None of the above options have any kind of trigger safety built-in, which is where trigger guard magnets come in. The largest of the magnet options, a trigger guard magnet, has a wraparound guard that prevents accidental discharge and provides lateral support for the pistol itself. While the safest option, compatibility can be an issue as not all firearms have identical dimensions, so be mindful of fit with your specific gun.

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