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Magnetic Paint Spray Gun Holder Stand

/Magnetic Paint Spray Gun Holder Stand

Magnetic Paint Spray Gun Holder Stand Gravity Paint Spaying Steel Hook Magnetic Spray Gun Hook, Magnetic Spray Gun / Utitlity Hook,Paint Gun Magnetic Hook, Spray Gun Magnetic Holder,Magnetic Gravity Feed Spray Gun Holder, Customized Hanger Magnets China Supper Factory

Magnetic Paint Spray Gun Holder Stand is also called as Magnetic Spray Gun Hook
Ideal for keeping your spray gun ready to use. Portable, as it attaches securely to spray booth walls, mixing rooms or anywhere that has a metal surface. The powerfull magnet keeps it from sliding or tilting out of position when loaded. Magnet supports about 10 lbs. Includes a protective coating to prevent scratches on gun cups.

Item No. HSMAGMH01-02 … 32
Package (L x W x H) 5 x 1.7 x 8.1 in.
Weight 1 lbs
Item Name Magnetic Spray Gun Holder
Material Vinyl coated hooks protect spray gun finish from scratches.
Type Magnetic spray gun holder

Provides storage of gravity feed spray guns when not in use
Attaches to spray walls, work stations, tool boxes, or any metal surface
Vinyl coated hooks protect spray gun finish from scratches
Lifetime warranty

Simply attach this magnetic holder to any metal surface to store gravity feed spray guns. It features vinyl-coated hooks to prevent scratching.
Vinyl-coated hooks prevent scratching. Magnetic base attaches to spray booth walls, work stations, tool boxes and other metal surfaces.
Provides additional gravity feed spray gun storage.

Most relevant reviews
I have a couple cutting boards with holes for handles that I wanted to hang from the side of my fridge so they would be out of the way. I needed something that was very strong to be able to support the weight. This definitely does the trick! I have one wooden cutting board and one plastic one and this holds them both in place (I also use the hook “cradle” to lay a bottle of Lysol wipes in and it holds that too). It’s not exactly pretty (looks like it’s made more for out in the garage) and the hook part is quite a bit bigger/longer than what I need but there weren’t a lot of options and my bigger concern was that the magnet would be strong enough and it is! The hooks are coated with a plastic/rubbery coating and it’s non-slip. The only other thing I don’t like is that the hook part is secured through a hole on the back with a nut and bolt and because of the magnet, it’s hard to get in there and get the nut tightened because the magnet messes with getting it placed correctly to spin it. You really need a tool to get it tightened and because of the lip on the back of the metal base you can’t use a regular flat wrench. Even with the nut being slightly loose though, the hook is still pretty stable. I am please with this because it keeps my cutting boards off of the counter and I never worry about them falling down. Would also be good for towels or really anything that can hang. I will be keeping this in mind for other times that I need a strong magnet.

Magnetic hangers
Very strong grip. I used card stuck to the magnet face with double sided tape to protect the paintwork underneath
Magnetic holder for spraygun.  Magnetic Spray Gun Hook
Having a magnet system is quick and easy way, fast and effective worth the money. You got to believe it.

Custom sized Spray Gun Magnetic Hook can be made upon request by neodymium or ferrite. Please contact us by E-mail us or call 86-574-27667267 for any size and design you need.  Rubber Coated Magnetic Gun Mount

  • Customized is Available
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  • Quality guaranteed
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  • 24-Hours excellent customer service
  • Offer free magnetic solution
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Product Range

 No. Dia Magnet Power(LBS)
HSMAGMH01-02  0.8” Neodymium/Ferrite 17.6
HSMAGMH01-32 3.2” Neodymium/Ferrite 360
 No. Dia Magnet Power(Kg)
HSMAGMH01-02  20mm Neodymium/Ferrite 8.8
HSMAGMH01-32 80mm Neodymium/Ferrite 95
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