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Magnetic Nailing Plate Thread M/Rd16

/Magnetic Nailing Plate Thread M/Rd16
  • magnetic-nailing-plate-thread-mrd16

Magnetic Nailing Plate Thread M/Rd16,  Magnetic Nailing Plate for Fixing Anchors, Magnetic Nail Plate For Precast Anchors, Bushing Threaded Magnets, Threaded Socket System Accessories, Magnetic Pocket Former,  Electrical Box Holder Magnets

Magnetic Nailing Plate Feature:
Part No.: HS-MFP16
Diameter D(mm): 60
Height H(mm): 12
Thread: Rd/M12
Materal: Steel With magnets
Coating: Copper / Zinc
Pull Force: 50kg

Magnetic Nailing Plates are for use with steel formwork and are attached by magnetic adhesion to the mould. The magnetic former is placed in the correct position with the anchor already screwed on. The magnetic base is available in two adhesion strengths with interchangeable threaded pins for each size.

For extra security when pouring, it is advisable to tie the anchor into the mesh or re-bar cage to prevent any movement. Magnets should be removed from the unit, and cleaned for re-use after casting. They are available in M12 to M52 threads and metric threads are compatible with Rd sockets.

Magnetic Formers create a recess depth of 12 and 15mm for all threads all metric threaded formers are compatible with Rd threaded inserts. Magnets with fully welded pins are available on request.


Bushing Threaded Magnets are a magnetic plate for fixing the sockets on steel panel formwork. We have many diameter of 60, 74, 90mm specifications with thread M12 to M32 as per customer’s requirement.

Precast concrete magnets are a useful and a high tech method of fixing formwork to the casting bed. They are made from rare earth materials, which give higher pull off strengths than other magnet materials. The magnets are designed so that the magnetic portion is layered with steel to spread the magnetic flux and thereby increase the contact area. Housings then surround the magnet to protect against damage, or the steel may be used to bolt a housing to the magnet. Care should be taken when using the magnet to ensure the base is clean and free from debris. This debris causes a loss of strength due to a large air gap forming between the magnet and the bed.

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Product Range




HS-MFP12 12 60 12
HS-MFP16 16 60 12
HS-MFP20 20 60 12
HS-MFP24 24 74 12
HS-MFP30 30 90 12
HS-MFP36 36 90 12
HS-MFP42 42 115 15
HS-MFP52 52 135 15


bushing threaded magnets

bushing threaded magnets

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